Aug 15, 2007

The Burley Report

This is what has been going on in the Burley household over the past few days:

-Jason’s bonsai tree has officially bit the dust. However, it still sits in the middle of our kitchen table – dead – because neither of us can bear to throw it away.

-I picked Camryn up the other day and said, "GAH-LEE you're heavy!" She's picked up on that and started walking around saying, "Oh golly!" She also says, "I cute!" because we were trying on clothes the other day, and I kept saying, "Oh, that's cute!!"

-Today is my last day of vacation. Work starts tomorrow, and I’m pretty sure full-blown, certifiable depression has set in.

-Camryn had to go back to the doctor on Monday, because she ran a fever on and off all weekend. Thought it was her ears again but it wasn’t, so tubes are on hold (at least for now). However, she did have a red throat and two lesions in her throat (painful!) By the way, she told the doctor, "I cute!"

-Today Jason and I will attend CORE at Anderson University to promote the church and the college Sunday school class we co-teach. Can’t wait – lots of FREE stuff! But, I am running around like a mad woman trying to get everything we need - balloons, candy, flyers, etc.

-Camryn got a placemat from her Grandma B. this weekend that has several Sesame Street characters on it. She is just giddy every time she looks at it. I thought her head would explode when she saw all of those characters in one place.

-Camryn decided this week that she has opinions AND that she should share them with us. I was giving her the medicine for her throat, and she made a horrible face and said, “I ont ike it.” (Translation: I don’t like it)

-Camryn learned this week to say, “What are you doing?” Of course, all of those words don’t come out – it’s more like “utta-u-oin?” or “a-doin?” It doesn’t do any good to answer her, because she’ll just ask you 20 more times. We’ve just started making up stuff to answer her.

-Cam also repeated “Shut up!” because she heard it on TV. Yikes!

-Did I mention this is my last day of vacation, and I am DEPRESSED?!?


Anonymous said...

Awww did the medicine "scare her tongue" that is what W says! SHe is really exploding with her language! Isn't it funny when you can have a conversation with them?!