Aug 23, 2007


I have not been a good blogger lately. I think it is a combination of things including the fact that I am so tired since starting back to school (a teacher I know commented to me last night that she forgot how tired she always was during the school year … Amen to that!) and that my life is boring right now! In the summer I have time to do new and fun things and during the school year, it’s the same thing day in and day out. Another reason I think I have experienced writers block lately is because I have been so stressed. Jason and I made one of the hardest decisions we have ever made at the beginning of the week to change Camryn’s daycare. Now let me start by saying we are so appreciative of the lady who has kept Camryn since she was 7 weeks old. I’ve told everyone I know we will never find someone who loves Camryn as much as this lady does. She has done so much for our family, I could never even begin to describe it all. However, Jason and I started looking at 2-year old programs over the summer to begin planning for the future, because we eventually wanted Camryn in a preschool type of setting where she would be involved in a curriculum. An opportunity presented itself last week that would allow us to get Camryn in a 2-year old class as early as November or December (if we enroll her in the toddler program now!) because she is already so verbal and is already doing things like naming shapes, a few letters here and there, etc. (it’s my blog- I can brag on my baby a little!) After lots of prayer, lots of stress, and lots of tears (from me - not Jason!), we finally decided to go ahead and move Camryn into this program. This is very scary for me because I realize this setting will be very different from the home setting we are used to. I have been spoiled with my daycare situation thus far and know this will be a big change for us. But, in the middle of all my stress and worrying, I have truly felt God has opened a door for us, and I am trying my very best to follow His will even though my personality doesn’t allow me to deal well with change! I guess I am learning a little about following God’s will even when I’m put in an uncomfortable situation! Say a prayer for all of us – that I won’t have an emotional breakdown when we take her for the first time on Monday but most of all that Cammy will make a fast and easy adjustment!


Anonymous said...

She will do GREAT! You have been praying about this and God DID open this door at just the right time! Let me know how it all pans out!