Sep 17, 2009

Bloom Triple Coupons!

We ended our weekend in Anderson last week with a trip to Bloom for triple coupons! What better way to cap off a birthday weekend for a couponing birthday girl? Here's the list of what I got (sorry, no picture - we got back into town around 8:30 pm, and there was unpacking to be done and a USC game to watch!)

6 packages Knorr pasta sides
2 Uncle Ben's wild rice boxes
2 Betty Crocker Warm Delights (yum!)
4 jars Skippy Natural peanut butter
2 boxes Mueller's thin spaghetti
2 boxes Quaker chewy granola bars
2 Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers
2 Old El Paso taco dinner kits
1 Old El Paso taco seasoning
2 boxes whole grain Cheez-its
2 packages Hillshire Farm deli ham
2 packages Perdue Perfect Portions chicken
2 packages Green Giant frozen potatoes/vegetables
1 package turkey burgers
1 package Hormel pepperoni

Total paid for everything above: $12.54
Total savings: $76.05!

Gotta love triple coupon events!

Sep 13, 2009

30th Birthday Celebrations

Have a mentioned lately that I have an awesome family and the best friends in the world? My 30th birthday was great ... I can't think of a way I would have rather spent it! Jason took the day off on my birthday so we had the entire day to ourselves. That night, my dad took the three of us plus my sister, Justin, & Keller out to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Friday, Jason, Camryn, and I spent the day shopping at the outlets in Gaffney, then headed to Anderson for a birthday dinner with our very best friends. Chili's, balloons, a "Birthday Princess" headband, and a cheesecake birthday cake ... who could ask for more? Saturday morning, Kelli, Sarah Ellen, and I had a girls' morning out. We got pedicures together, did a little shopping, and had lunch before heading back to the husbands and kids to hang out for the rest of the afternoon. What a perfect way to spend my birthday! And the best part is, it's not over yet! In November, I get Jason's present to me, which is two nights away for the two of us at a bed and breakfast in Asheville, NC, and a trip to the Biltmore House to see the Christmas lights. Can't wait!!

Sep 11, 2009

Messy Game Night

Today we take a break from the regularly scheduled birthday week blogging to share some pictures from Messy Game Night at youth group on Wednesday. Baby oil, ketchup, mustard, flour, marshmallows, shaving cream, tomato sauce, oatmeal, eggs, relish, Spam, baby food, and silly string ... all I can say is, wow!

Sep 10, 2009


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This day in history:
1846: Elias Howe receives a patent for his first sewing machine.

1919: A peace treaty between the Allies and Austria is signed at Saint-Germain-en-Laye,

1943: In World War II fighting, the Germans occupy Rome, Italy to counter the Allies' invasion of southern Italy.

1955: Gunsmoke, TV's longest running western series, premieres.

1967: In a referendum, the people of Gibraltar vote overwhelmingly to remain under British rule and to reject ties with Spain .

1974: Portugal formally grants Guinea-Bissau independence.

1989: Hurricane Hugo sweeps through the Caribbean and the Carolinas Sept. 10-22, causing at least 40 deaths and $6 billion in damage in the Carolinas alone.

2002: Switzerland becomes the 190th member state of the UN after its voters approved a referendum in March.

(Wow - my birth may really be the most interesting thing that ever happened on Sept. 10!)

Famous people who share my birthday:
1638: Maria Theresa, queen of Louis XIV of France
1929: Arnold Palmer, golfer
1934: Charles Kuralt, TV journalist
1934: Roger Maris, baseball player
1938: Karl Lagerfeld, fashion designer
1949: Bill O'Reilly, TV commentator, host
1960: Colin Firth, actor
1963: Randy Johnson, baseball pitcher
1975: Ryan Phillippe, actor

Random facts about the number 30:
*The atomic number of zinc is 30.
*The total number of major and minor keys in Western tonal music, including enharmonic equivalents.
*The minimum age for United States senators.
*In years of marriage, the pearl wedding anniversary.
*At age 30 Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, at the beginning of his public ministry of teaching and healing.
*30 is one of the more common numbers worn by hockey goaltenders (along with 31).

If you've talked to me at all since January, you know I have been dreading this day! However, it's hard to be concerned about a number when you have an awesome husband who loves you more at 30 than he did when he started dating you at 19, you have a sweet little girl who sings Happy Birthday to you in the car on the way to daycare, you have an incredible family who starts calling at 6:41 am to tell you Happy Birthday, and amazing friends who make you feel like the most special person on earth! Can't wait for the rest of what the day holds and for my Anderson birthday celebration this weekend!

Sep 7, 2009

Let the Birthday Week Begin!

Birthday Week began last night with a birthday supper at Red Robin with Justin, Lindsay, and Keller. We originally thought this would be the only time we would get to see them for my birthday, but it looks like they'll actually be able to join us on Thursday for supper, too! Oh well, I'll use any excuse to see my favorite little boy! I may not like the age I am turning this year, but I sure do love a good birthday week!

I also had to throw in this super-cute picture of my two sweeties after we got back last night.

By the way, as part of all of my couponing adventures, I've signed up for tons of birthday clubs and have gotten so much free stuff already! Since Sept. 1, I've received coupons for a free sandwich at Schlotzsky's, a free dessert at Chili's, a free sandwich at Firehouse Subs, a free gift pack from Aveda, a free dessert from Harper's, $5 off at McAlister's Deli, and a free burger at Red Robin! I could eat free or cheap for almost an entire week if I wanted to!

Sep 6, 2009

Another Zoo Trip!

Can you tell we are a family that loves going to the zoo? Friday morning we met Jason's sister, Alison, and her son, Caleb, there. We loved having the extra company, there were hardly any other people there, and the weather was great! Plus Camryn and Caleb always love spending time with each other, so they enjoyed looking at all of the animals together. We also got to see some really neat things this time - a baby giraffe being bottle-fed, baby flamingos, and the gorilla feeding time! We were especially glad the gorillas decided to stay INSIDE their exhibit during this trip!