Sep 4, 2009


I cannot tell you how much I have been looking forward to this weekend. A long weekend that we actually get to spend at home, resting, relaxing, and getting some things accomplished around the house. But, guess what happened tonight? I pulled my back somehow, and I am now highly annoyed. Most of you know this has been an issue for me in the past (see here and also #4 here), but it's been a long time since I've last had to deal with it. So, apparently I am destined to spend this long-awaited weekend laying on an ice pack and taking my expired pain killers, which hopefully will still have enough potency to knock this out. I am so ill because not only is this killing my weekend, but also because my birthday is later this week, we have a trip planned back to Anderson next weekend, and a trip to Atlanta the weekend after that. Here's to hoping this heals QUICKLY so all of our grand plans aren't down the tubes! :( Anybody feel sorry for me yet?