Sep 7, 2009

Let the Birthday Week Begin!

Birthday Week began last night with a birthday supper at Red Robin with Justin, Lindsay, and Keller. We originally thought this would be the only time we would get to see them for my birthday, but it looks like they'll actually be able to join us on Thursday for supper, too! Oh well, I'll use any excuse to see my favorite little boy! I may not like the age I am turning this year, but I sure do love a good birthday week!

I also had to throw in this super-cute picture of my two sweeties after we got back last night.

By the way, as part of all of my couponing adventures, I've signed up for tons of birthday clubs and have gotten so much free stuff already! Since Sept. 1, I've received coupons for a free sandwich at Schlotzsky's, a free dessert at Chili's, a free sandwich at Firehouse Subs, a free gift pack from Aveda, a free dessert from Harper's, $5 off at McAlister's Deli, and a free burger at Red Robin! I could eat free or cheap for almost an entire week if I wanted to!


Mary Ann said...

Glad to see you posting again!I had alot to catch up on! Happy Birthday! I just turned 33 on Aug. 31 and it was a hard one for me!!!! We are getting ready to go back to the Zoo too before our membership runs out! I loved all the cute pictures! Looks like you all have non stop fun!

Anonymous said...

Emily Said...
WOO HOO for Heather's Birthday Week!!! I LOVE YOU!!! See you soon!!!