Jan 29, 2009

Potty Update

I am a little scared to actually announce this for fear that it might suddenly stop. So, as I am typing this, I am crossing my fingers, knocking on wood, crossing my eyes, doing a little jig, or any of those other silly things you're supposed to do for good luck. Here it is - with much pomp and circumstance, I am very proud to announce that it appears my daughter is now potty trained.

Here's the story of how this all came about. Two weeks ago, we were ready to string Camryn up by her toes. We had been working with her so diligently and finally reached our breaking point the day she stood beside Jason as he was talking with her teacher on the way home from school and wet through her pants and then went to church that same night and wet through her pants in the nursery. When we got home, we gave another long, impassioned speech about being a big girl but decided we were giving up the fight for now. We were putting her back in diapers and letting her decide when it was time. Two days later, without any prompting from us, she was asking to go to the potty on a regular basis, and we have been diaper-free and pull-up-free (except during sleep times) ever since. She is a stinker, but I am VERY proud of my little stinker. And, she is very proud - in fact, she will approach anyone who is willing to listen and let them know she has been dry for several days now. So, we are crossing our fingers that this lasts ... and rejoicing that our checkbook will now look a little better since diapers will no longer be on our shopping list.

To celebrate our little victory, Camryn donated the last of her diapers to Aunt Lindsay's baby. It will be a little while before Baby Smith is wearing those big, honkin' size 5's, but it's the thought that counts!

Jan 26, 2009

It's the Little Things

We decided to have Family Movie Night last Friday. Jason and I wanted Camryn to see Cinderella, so off I went to buy the DVD. Camryn has never seen any of the Disney princess movies, and we want to introduce them to her since she is just in love with everything princess these days! Because I haven't had a reason to buy a Disney movie in years, I forgot about the whole Disney "vault" thing. After searching Wal-Mart, Kmart, Best Buy, and Target online, we finally realized Cinderella must be one of the movies Disney currently has in the vault. Darn! So, we ordered the pizza, popped some popcorn, and decided to watch Finding Nemo. Do you realize how scary Finding Nemo can be when you're watching it through the eyes of an almost 3 year old? We only made it through about 40 minutes and then turned it off to finish the night with a couple episodes of Backyardigans. We still had the greatest time cuddling on the couch for the evening.

I love Camryn's new big girl bed. Not because it means she's such a big girl, but because every time I go in to wake her up in the morning or from a nap she says, "You can lay with me for a minute." So, I snuggle up beside her, and she always wants us to "sleep." This only last about 10 seconds though, because then she's on to chattering about something. Our preparation for "sleep" is always the sweetest, though. She always offers up one of her stuffed animals for me to hold and always makes sure we're both covered up. Then, she lays down and has to get thisclose to my face. Something always has to touch - our noses, our foreheads, our cheeks. That's how she likes to "sleep." And, of course, I just lay there with my heart melting while she breathes her hot little breath in my face. And, of course, 10 seconds later, it's over.

My husband is doing such a sweet thing for me today. We switched cars so he could take mine in for an oil change. Now this may not be a big deal to you, but I can't stand taking my car in for this service. Inevitably, every time I'm there, the service guys are going to try and tell me something new that's wrong with my car that I need to pay extra money to have fixed. Or, they're going to preach to me about the more expensive oil I need or something else that needs to be done, just because I am a girl, and they think I don't know any better (the truth is I don't, so that's why I send my husband!). Girls, you have to know exactly what I am talking about. Jason and I even did an experiment once. At the place where I got my oil changed in Anderson, I got a speech THREE times in a row from the service guy about how I needed a new air filter. Every time I turned him down, I got the "stupid girl eye roll" as he walked away. On the fourth time I sent Jason and do you think they mentioned one thing to him about the air filter? Nope. Nada. So, believe me, it is an act of true love for my husband to do this for me. Not to mention how germy I always feel after sitting in the waiting room of those oil change places. Don't even get me started.

Jan 24, 2009


These are the windows in our kitchen. We really can't decide what to do with them. We could put up blinds and hang a simple valance, but we were thinking we'd like to do something a little more creative with them. We thought about Roman shades. Any opinions on that? I wasn't sure if that would look too out of date. If we do Roman shades, do we hang one large one in each window or two smaller ones in each one? I even thought about a cornice, but that would probably look really outdated! If the blinds and valance are the best way to go, we'll do that. We just want it to look nice in the end! Any suggestions???

Jan 23, 2009

Friday Linkage

~ Head over to my friend Sarah Ellen's blog and join in on the game we are playing there. Click on the comments to her Random Thought post and test your creativity!

~ Who doesn't like free stuff? Click here and enter for a chance to win a really cute tote bag!

~I've mentioned before that Rocks in My Dryer is one of my favorite blogs. Very inspiring, creative, funny, and witty all at the same time. Recently, there was an informative post there concerning the new Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act and its effect on businesses making children's items. If you have a favorite Etsy store or other online site where you buy handmade children's items or a friend who makes/sells handmade children's things, you may be interested in reading this post. You may even be interested in sending a letter to your representative if you feel so inclined.

~ I found this site earlier in the week and plan to spend some time perusing it this weekend. Looks to be a pretty good site for frugal moms who need cheap dinner ideas and grocery tips.

Jan 22, 2009

This and That

~ My sister is having a boy! YAY! Lindsay and I do not have a brother, and Camryn is the only grandchild so far, so we need a boy in our family. Go here to see his first pictures! Precious!

~ When I told Camryn that Aunt Lindsay was having a boy she quickly informed me, "That's not what I wanted!" I asked what she wanted, and she said a girl. Oh well, better luck next time!

~ I, like many other Americans, was so intrigued with the inauguration and the coverage of the whole day on Tuesday. Regardless of whether or not you agree with who our president now is, the history of our country, the historic day Tuesday was, and the peaceful transfer of power in our nation has to make you proud. And, of course, I just loved seeing what everyone was wearing! I thought Michelle Obama looked beautiful. I also think someone should have told Aretha Franklin that hat was a definite DON'T!

~ How many of you are familiar with Nutella? My first experience with Nutella was on a trip to France in high school. Our group was in the French Quarter one afternoon and got Nutella crepes, and they were delicious! That was over 10 years ago, and today I bought my first jar of Nutella since that trip. I tried making my own crepes but when that went south, I spent the rest of my morning searching my kitchen, trying to find what it would taste good on next. I've even googled "uses for Nutella!" Right now I'm thinking peanut butter cupcakes with Nutella topping ... I'll let you know how that turns out!

~ While I was thinking of my trip to France, I remembered how, on our last day, we were allowed to have a free day and go anywhere we chose. Not with a chaperone, mind you ... on our own, just as long as we were at least in pairs. A group of 16, 17, and 18 year olds allowed to roam the streets of one of the largest cities in the world chaperone-less. Turn that one over in your head for a minute. When I think about my own child wandering the streets of Paris at 17 years old, the phrase "over my dead body" comes to mind.

~ I promise pictures of our house are coming soon. I know you have all given up on me when it comes to that. Seriously though, Jason and I have dubbed this weekend "Picture Hanging Weekend," so we will finally get some things on the walls, and I will get some pictures on here soon.

~ I really enjoy watching Robin Miller's Quick Fix Meals on Food Network. I have been trying some new recipes from her cookbook, and I have to say ... they just aren't that great. The concept is good: one huge recipe that morphs into 3 or 4 different meals. A great plan for a busy mom trying to get a quick, healthy meal on the table. The problem is, we just haven't been that crazy about the overall taste of the food and by the time you get to that 3rd or 4th recipe you are plain sick and tired of the original meal that goes into all of the recipes. I have one more of her recipes planned for next week that is a single meal instead of one that morphs, so maybe that will redeem it for us.

~ People who let you down make me really sad.

~ Camryn calls cinnamon graham crackers "dirty crackers." I don't know why she calls them that, but it makes me chuckle.

OK, now that I'm done unloading all of the random thoughts out of my head, have a good night!

Jan 20, 2009


We woke up this morning to a beautiful snowfall and had a ball playing in it. Here are some pictures of our snow day!

Jan 18, 2009

Sanctity of Life Sunday

Each life, from the moment of conception to final breath, is infinitely precious to God.

Jan 16, 2009

Our Fun Weekend in Anderson

I have been a pretty slack blogger this week. No particular reason. Just made more time for my family than the computer, I guess. I'd say that's a pretty good excuse! So, here are some overdue pictures of our trip to Anderson last weekend. As usual, we had such a blast and got to see lots of people we haven't seen since we moved in August.

Friday night we had Christmas with the McConnells and then went out to eat with our group of closest friends. We talked, laughed, and had the best time! Of course, I didn't get any good pictures of anyone inside the restaurant ... just everyone hanging around outside being crazy!

Cam & Alyssa opening their presents to each other

Two little twinkies in their matching coats

Hanging out outside of Chili's

Self-portrait ... Yikes! Not too flattering!

Sweet little Eli

Crazy Edwardses (how do you make that plural???) saying goodbye

We stayed with Sarah Ellen and Jeff Friday night, got up and did a little shopping Saturday morning, and went to Alyssa's 4th birthday party before leaving that afternoon. Again ... no good pictures from the party. :( Just a few of Camryn playing Pin the Tail on My Little Pony when I finally realized I should probably grab my camera and get a few pictures. I was too busy talking and catching up with everyone! As always, our trip felt too short, but we can't wait to go back next weekend for Jason's 30th birthday celebration ... Anderson style!

This is what these two nerds did ALL night long!

Camryn and her new Backyardigans karaoke from the McConnells

I just thought this was funny ... this has been the "Special of the Week" since 6 months BEFORE we moved. Some things never change!

Playing games at the party

Jan 9, 2009

Five things I know you are dying to know about my week!

1. Going back to work this week was hard. I was tired all week and grouchy because half of the people I work with still apparently thought they were on vacation. The highlight of my week, though, was when I walked out of the office at my high school to go down the hallway and passed Coach Spurrier! He smiled and waved at me (probably because I was staring!). I've told everyone I was so excited I felt like a 14 year old who spotted a Jonas Brother!

2. Jason and I really try not to get involved in too many TV shows. We just don't have time to get addicted (although we are raging Chuck-aholics!). For some reason, the Biggest Loser was on our TV the other night, and we just could not stop watching. It started out with me sitting on the arm of the couch just watching for a minute on my way to the kitchen to get a Coke (yeah, right, like you're gonna drink a can full of everything bad for you while watching that show!) and by the end, we were both glued to the TV and fussing at the show for sending 9 people home so early!

3. I finally sat down and watched High School Musical (yes, the first one) for the first time yesterday. All you groupies out there, please don't kill me for saying this, but ..... it was just OK. I mean, cute and a way to kill an hour and half, but I won't be sitting down to watch it over and over. Now, I do have a new found love .... I mean respect :) for Zac Efron, but other than that, I wasn't sucked in.

4. Potty training. I loathe those two words right now. My child must be the only almost 3 year old out there that isn't trained (oh, hush, I know that's not true .... just let me wallow in it for a minute!) We've tried lots of different things including diapers, pull ups, big girl pan*ti*es and various combinations of the three, an Elmo Goes to the Potty DVD (courtesy of Aunt Lindsay), her own potty, a potty seat on the big potty, various rewards, a sticker chart (for which she lost a sticker every time she pee peed in her pants ... after a few times she was looking at me and telling me with joy in her voice to take a sticker away), making her stay in her wet pants, reasoning with her, talking to her, taking her on a schedule, and none of it is working. None of it, I tell you! I'm losing the war right now. Big time.

5. We are going to Anderson this weekend! So excited! Lunch with a special couple today, dinner with our group of best friends tonight, some shopping tomorrow, a special little girl's 4th birthday party, and catching up with friends. Can't wait!

Jan 5, 2009


Really, I can't believe I am about to post some of these pictures, but my sister has requested a Christmas picture out-takes post, and how do you say no to a pregnant woman? So ... here they are. Of course, I don't know why I'm so worried! Most of the goofy ones are of her anyway!

The preggers lady was really excited about the food!

The new spokeswoman for Balmex

Who's the little elf peeking out from behind the presents?

Camryn gets tossed around

My dollar store treats from Lindsay & Justin ... a crossword puzzle book and a super-cool hat!

It doesn't take much to crack us up ... well, except one good joke about a family member!

"But you can't take my picture yet! I only have one shoe on!" OK, not really sure why this was so funny, but we were really cracking up about it at the time.

I think the hat looks better on her!

Admit it - you know you felt like this too after so much family time!

Jan 3, 2009

Post Christmas Fun

The Sunday after Christmas, we had the youth choir over for some food and hanging out. We wanted to do something for them for the awesome job they did on their Christmas dessert theater earlier in the month. They are an incredible group, and we love the time we get to spend with them!

Max loving the food!

Girl talk

Megan & Katie were roped into a serious game of princess golf!

Max, Caleb, and Drew

Max, Katie, & Megan playing Christmas Bingo

Jamie doesn't like feet!

What a wild party! There was even dancing!

On Tuesday we had a family night and went to Columbia to see the Lights Before Christmas at Riverbanks. Camryn was old enough this year to really enjoy it and take it all in. Four days later, she's still talking about it! Going to see the lights will definitely become a family tradition!