Sep 3, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Wow! Did two weeks really go by that fast without me updating the blog? Time flies when you're having fun ... or when you're just too busy to sit down in front of the computer! So, here's to playing catch-up!

A few weekends ago, Camryn & I took a trip to Lexington for a KWH Reunion. Kate Wofford Hall is a freshmen girls' dorm at Winthrop where I was the Residence Director for two years. About once a year, all of us who worked together in the residence hall try to get together for a reunion. We were long overdue this time because 3 little ones have been born since we last got together! These girls are all fabulous, and I love it that we stay close even if it's just through an occasional email or a once-a-year reunion. We also had reason to celebrate this time because Sarah will hopefully be adopting a little boy soon, and we wanted to let her know how excited and happy we are for her, so we threw her a small shower. The kids did GREAT together, and we had an awesome time catching up and being together again for the day!

The group

Eating lunch

Opening shower gifts

Melissa even planned a craft for the kids to do that day! Although, I think the 5 "big girls" blew more bubbles than the kids!

Caedyn, Zoe, & Camryn swinging

Camryn and her new friend Blake ...

...who she called "Blank" for half the day before we realized she misunderstood his name!

The Monday after our reunion, I went with some of my sweet friends from church, Kendra, Georgia, and Ashley, to a coupon workshop taught by the Southern Savers lady. I was in coupon heaven listening to her talk coupons, doubles, stores, and sales! I have to say, I didn't learn a lot of new information because I've already read so much from her website, but I did leave with a renewed couponing fire ... I know, I'm a dork. The two main things I took away from that night were 1) even though we have cut back on our grocery budget significantly in the last 6 months, we still CAN and SHOULD reduce our grocery budget even more and 2) I need to cut Wal-Mart completely out of my life. So far, I've been Wal-Mart free for two weeks! Truly, I think some people need a 12-step plan to break away from Wal-Mart because they're so addicted. But, Wal-Mart does NOT have the lowest prices when you do couponing the right way! Trust me!

Last weekend, we went to Anderson to celebrate Eli's first birthday. Eli's mommy and daddy are some of our best and sweetest friends, and we were so glad we got to be a part of his big celebration. I can't believe a whole year has already passed since I wrote this! I forgot my camera, so no pictures of my own, but I did steal these from Kelli's blog! Isn't he a cutie?

And, finally, on Sunday, we had our last baptism at the lake for the summer. We went out early so Camryn could play in the water and she had a blast. I think this first picture is one of my all time favorites of her!


The McConnell Clan said...

#1 We had the best time with yall this past weekend as well! I just love having yall here, its like you never left!
#2 Is Camryn Burley in LAKE WATER! Who stole Heather and replaced her with this imposter! :)
#3......three o that is, hummmmm someone has a big 30 b-day comming up! What kind of plans might be around the corner! Mmmmwwwaaahhhahahahha!!! (that is my evil laugh!)

SE said...

I love those pics of Camryn...very sweet! Can't wait to see you again!

SE said...

I love those pics of Camryn...very sweet! Can't wait to see you again!

meetthesmiths said...

You HAVE to send me that first picture - the actual picture file so I can print it out. I LOVE LOVE it!