Aug 17, 2009

What's Been Going On

Haven't had much going on lately that's blogworthy. But, here's a rundown of last week in case you're interested.

~ First week back wasn't so bad. Made it through only crying one and a half times: once when I got in bed the night before my first day and a half time on Tuesday morning when Camryn was upset after she realized we couldn't eat breakfast together, because I had to go to work.

~ Reminded this past week that I am thankful to have a job and one that allows me to have such an amazing schedule.

~ Reminded how TIRED getting up early and working all day makes me!

~ Got back into a couponing groove and may actually stay within our biweekly $120 grocery budget.

~ Had lunch at Charley's with ladies from the handbell choir.

~ Took Camryn to school on Friday even though I wanted her home with me, because the last water day was more important. And because she reminded me at least 5 times per day Monday - Thursday that she was supposed to wear her bathing suit to school on Friday.

~ Got to spend all day Saturday hanging out with Lindsay, Keller, Dad, and Debbie.

~ Made chicken and dumplings for supper Saturday. Mmmmm! Can't wait for lunch today - leftovers!

~ Went to a concert at church Saturday night: Daniel Kirkley, Jaime Jamgochian, & Lanae Hale. They're pretty awesome.

~ Told my dad goodbye on Sunday afternoon, which Camryn hated to do, and then walked her upstairs for a nap. As we went up the stairs she said, "Mommy, when we get to the top, will you hold me? Because I'm sad, and that's what mommies do when you're sad. They hold you." Could this kid melt my heart any more???

Up for this week:

~ Teachers are back so things will definitely pick up!

~ Meetings, meetings, meetings!

~ Wednesday night suppers are back! I'll take Julie's cooking any day!

~ Camryn's first time in AWANA!

~ My first time working with the youth girls' small group!

~ Reunion in Columbia with my amazing Winthrop girls who I worked with in Kate Wofford Hall! Can't wait for some girl time and to meet 3 or 4 sweet kiddos I'm long overdue in seeing!