Aug 9, 2009

A Weekend Post

This is my 300th post! I really wanted to do something fun or do some sort of giveaway, but my creative juices are tapped out at the moment, so I'm just going to recognize this is my 300th and call it day!

The weekend I've been dreading finally got here and is almost over - my last weekend before I have to start back to work. It is always so hard to go back after having extra time at home with Camryn and Jason, but this year is especially hard because Camryn and I have been almost inseparable! I always try to keep her on at least a half-schedule for daycare in the summer so she doesn't get out of the habit of being there. But, this year she's gone maybe 8 days out of the entire 2 months I've been out of school, so we've had lots of great mommy-daughter time and family time together. She's been my little shopping buddy and my playmate, we've taken lots of trips, learned a lot, had lots of little adventures, and have laughed a lot. I'm going to miss having her close to me all day long.

Since this was my last weekend before starting back, we tried to squeeze in some extra family fun. Friday we had a family date and went to Rock Hill for the afternoon to do some shopping, browsing, and have supper at Chili's (yay for the 2 for $20 deal). Saturday morning Cam and I went to Belk to check out their sales and got started on her wardrobe for next summer. Groceries aren't the only ways I score good deals! With 50% off their summer clothes, tax free weekend, and a coupon I had, we got everything below (plus a birthday present not pictured!) for $41 ... the best part is between our coupon and sales, we saved $92!

Saturday afternoon, we decided to take Camryn somewhere she's been begging to go all summer. Our Dairy Queen has a huge blow-up ice cream cone that sits on top of it that looks like this:

Every time we pass by, Camryn says, "I'd like to get ice cream there sometime!" She was very excited when we pulled into the parking lot and told her "sometime" was finally here!

After ice cream, we came back home and piled onto the guest room bed to watch Peter Pan. Our Peter Pan movie is VHS, and the only place we have a VHS player is attached to the TV in the guest room! After our adventures in Neverland, we had a frozen pizza, and called it a night.

This morning, we finally made it back to Sunday school and church after what seems like forever! Between vacation, guests, and sickness we haven't had a normal Sunday schedule in quite a while. It felt good to be back into the swing of things. Then tonight, after Jason goes to a meeting at church, we're off to the Mexican restaurant for one last hurrah before my sad tomorrow begins!

And, finally, Jason won the Husband of the Weekend Award in my book when he bought me this on Friday:

Since I started couponing, we've run into a little bit of a storage problem! We haven't even been in our house for one year and our closets were already busting at the seams because I was using every inch of available space to store all of my purchases! Jason bought me a storage closet for the garage and we suddenly have space in the house again!


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