Aug 17, 2007

Today’s Friday Five will be a double whammy. Here are 5 bad things about having to go back to work this week and 5 good things.

Here’s the Bad:

1) Nothing’s changed – same problems, same aggravating people (not the ones I work with directly!), my computer doesn’t work, our printer doesn’t work, etc.

2) I miss Jason & Cammy – I cried the night before I had to go back to work, cried when I woke up Thursday morning, cried when I kissed them good bye ...

3) I can’t check my favorite blogs 1000 times a day - I actually have to work!

4) I have to get up early again. I almost forgot what it was like to get up before the sun came up!

5) Mid-afternoon naps are a thing of the past.

And the Good:

1) I got a new desk, and I’m getting a new chair, which is the most comfortable desk chair I’ve ever put my hindquarters in. Ahhhhh!!!

2) Free food! Hey – when you work in a school district, the food is always in abundance. We get breakfast this morning, and I get free lunch on Monday.

3) I got to go on a shopping spree for school supplies at Staples on the district’s dime. Anytime I can shop with someone else’s money, it’s always a plus!

4) Going back to school means my birthday is coming soon. Yeah ... that one’s stretching it, but I really couldn’t think of 5 truly good things about my summer being over.

5) Have you seen the back-to-school commercial for Mastercard with the three cute little boys dancing? It says something about being back with people who understand you ... priceless. That’s how I feel ... being back around all the other psychs, with the people who understand the craziness of our district – it’s priceless.