Aug 4, 2007

Here I Go Again!

At 2:35 a.m. this morning I hear beepbeepbeep. I reached over because I thought the baby monitor might be dying but realized it was plugged in. I was about to doze off when I hear it again: beepbeepbeep. Well, now I have to figure out what it is. After a little thought and another beepbeepbeep, I realize it’s Jason’s cell phone dying. Had it not been 2:35 a.m., I may have reached that conclusion a little sooner. I get up, and I’m feeling around on Jason’s dresser in the dark. I finally found the phone and turned it off. I lay back down but by this point, I’m wide awake. I decide I’m too hot, so I get up to turn the air down. Then my throat is dry so I need some water. On the way to the kitchen I trip over one of those toys with a million parts and plastic animals go flying everywhere. I lay back down, and it starts all over again: the lights on the monitor are shining right in my face, Cam is talking in her sleep again, the dog is scratching, I’m tossing and turning, I’m adjusting the pillows, I’m jealous Jason is such a heavy sleeper, I’m deciding what to blog about next week, I’m deciding where we’ll go shopping today for tax free weekend ... an hour later I’m frustrated and headed back to the couch. I’m having visions of all the Ambien and Lunestra commercial I’ve seen and decide I need some of that. When did I become such a stinkin’ insomniac?


Anonymous said...

I think motherhood makes insomniacs of all of us women! I wish I could tell you it gets better, but it doesn't - not even when your kids move out! Sorry I can't be more encouraging!

Love you,
Mom B

Anonymous said...

HAHA I like the commercials with the Abe Lincoln! I understand...I just told J that I need a noise machine. HOWEVER....I have been sleeping so sound lately that I didn't even hear W the other night make his way downstairs...scary.....