Aug 27, 2007

Plantar Faschiitis

Ever heard of it? Me either until I found out this week that I had it! I went to a podiatrist on Thursday because I have had a really sharp pain in the side of my heel almost all summer long. Whenever I have been sitting for long periods of time and get up to walk it really hurts. It’s especially bad in the mornings after I’ve been laying down all night and get up. I’m literally limping the first five minutes I’m up. I found out it is an inflammation of the band of tissue (the planar fascia) that extends from the heel to the toes. The fascia first becomes irritated and then inflamed – resulting in heel pain. (Can you tell I’m copying straight from the information sheet?) So, I have to keep my foot wrapped for 3-5 days and wear “supportive shoes,” i.e. tennis shoes, which is very hard for a heels-only kind of girl like me. Let me tell you, I was a fashion statement yesterday at church in my tennis shoes! After the wrap comes off, I have these stretching exercises to do, I have to ice it each night, plus use an icy-hot gel. Oh by the way – it’s Camryn’s fault. Just kidding! But, the podiatrist said this most likely started when I was pregnant when all the ligaments, etc. started relaxing and my foot stretched. Then, because of going barefoot all summer and wearing nothing but flip flops, I probably aggravated it. I just hope it heals soon. I can’t live without flip flops and heels!


beth said...

YES! I have heard of it and you better do what the dr says...I worked with a lady at Hales and she had a tough time with inflamation in the foot...and then they put her in a HUGE boot cause she tried to wear regular shoes too soon....she would roll her foot on a tennis or golf ball when she was sitting....hope it clears up soon--

Anonymous said...

Several people at work ,including myself, have it. It might be feeling fine one minute then I would sit down. When I stood up, I thought I might not be able to put any weight on that foot because it hurt so much. Mine got better after several weeks on its own using Alieve. One of the guys at work tried everything from custom shoe insoles to cortisone shots. It finally got better but still reoccurs. I hope that yours gets better very soon.