Jul 30, 2007

Family Reunion

This past Saturday we traveled to Columbia for the Burley family reunion. My family has never really done reunions, but it is a tradition in the Burley family that has been going on for years. We always have such a great time catching up with everyone, we always eat way too much, and I love for Camryn to have a chance to spend time with her grandparents and great-grandparents. Camryn had a ball showing off for everyone there. She especially had a good time with her Uncle Isaac – let me tell you, she had him wrapped around her finger in no time at all! She seems to have a way with both of her uncles! Here are some pictures from the day.

"Rock-rock" with Daddy and Uncle Happy

Talking with Papa

Getting spoiled by Granna

Hugs from Uncle Isaac



w's mommy said...

SWEET Pics! Love to all Burleys!

Anonymous said...

We loved having time together with the whole family. Thanks for sharing the precious pictures with everyone.
Love you - "Granna"

Adriennealine said...

Those are adorable photos! Where are the pics with YOU in them?