Feb 23, 2008

The Winner and Good Deals!

Thanks to everyone for your song suggestions. Jason and I really enjoyed reading all of your iPod favorites. Out of all the suggestions, his personal favorite was Radar Love. Mine was Lucas with the Lid Off, although no one besides me and Lindsay probably remember that one ... and possibly Erin. Anyway, after some help with the drawing from my beautiful assistant . . .

. . . the winner is Michelle at Newsome Notes!!! Congratulations, Michelle!

Also, for all of you bargain hunters out there, here are a few good ones. First, Gymboree has their Baby Sale going on. $10 for clothing regularly priced $12.50 - $20.00 and $20 for clothing regularly priced $22.50 - $42.50. Plus, this is the time to earn Gymbucks! As an early birthday present, Camryn's Papa let "her" do some online Gymboree shopping, so "she" was way excited! Also, Staples has a major President's Day sale going on and has this Dell all-in-one for $49.98 after a mail in rebate. Plus, they have free one day shipping! Jason and I have been wanting an all-in-one for quite a while now, so we were really excited to get this one! I think the offer ends today, though, so you have to hurry!


Anonymous said...

I do remember Lucas with the Lid Off! I'm going to have to YouTube that one!! Have a great weekend!

NotesbyNewsome said...

Yeah I won!! I'm so incredibly excited...I feel like I need to give an acceptance speech. SO are you guys going to deliver it personally?? And can I get my winnings on one of those big plastic checks? LOL. :o)

(Thanks for pulling my name Camryn, the lollipop is in the mail)


w & j's mommy said...

Did you steal Bear Bryant's hat for the drawing??? Good tips on the sale items...anything for my kids in your findings at these stores??? :) Love you!