Feb 8, 2008

I have had writer's block lately when it comes to my Friday Five. But, today was an easy one. Saturday is Jason's 29th birthday, so here are 5 reasons why I love my husband so much!

1) He's passionate

He is passionate about his family, about his friends, about his salvation, about his job ... when something is important to Jason, he is dedicated to it with his whole heart.

2) He's an awesome daddy!

Camryn adores her daddy, and it's obvious Jason adores being her daddy. The way he looks at her, the way he eats up her attention, the look on his face when she kisses or hugs him ... you can tell he loves his girl! He will do anything in the world for her.

3) He's a wonderful husband

He still loves to date me, love on me, surprise me with little things. I have never doubted for one minute how much he loves me, and I am proud to be his wife. He leads our family the way a Godly husband should and takes care of us.

4) His talent

I remember the first time I heard him sing in college, I was immediatly attracted. I thought to myself, "Whew! He's hot AND he can sing!" In the 10 years I have known him, I have never once grown tired of hearing his voice, and I'm sure I never will. He is really one of the most talented vocalists I know, and I love being able to hear him sing in the car, around the house, and to be a part of his choir because he is an awesome leader!

5) He completes me

Yes, cheesey, I know, but he does. We put up with each other, compliment each other, calm each other down, and strengthen each other. God definitely knew what He was doing when He put us together!


P.S. Does anyone know why Blogger won't do spell check anymore? The last few posts I have done, I click the spellcheck button and nothing happens. So, if there are spelling mistakes in my posts, I have an excuse!


G-Vegas Birthday shoutout! said...

Happy birthday BURLEY! We love you! Here are the Caskey Top 5:

#5 He is the BEST guy FRIEND that my sweet husband has. He is the kind of friend that I know is CLOSER than a brother! he is thoughtful and loving and always willing to give of his time and a listening ear
#4 He DOES have a beautiful voice...even if he didn't want to sing to babies...:)
#3 THe more hair he loses makes Jordan look like Fabio! HAHAHA
#2 We know that William and Jay both love their Uncle Burley very much ...he plays on the floor and is interested in William. For those reasons and MANY more we are blessed to call him friend,brother and Uncle! We love you VERY much! We think that you would be a GREAT daddy to a boy too so you might need to get on that soon!

NotesbyNewsome said...

Happy Birthday Burley!! Here's the Newsome top 5 reasons why we love some Jason Burley:

(These are in no particular order :o))

#5: His Dedication - To his family, to the Lord, and come on the man once played 45 games of FIFA soccer before lunch in one day.

#4: His Economic Sense - Who else would think 6 tacos, 2 mexican pizzas, and cinnamon twists would only cost $5.00? :o)

#3: His Fashion Sense - I bet you still have the "White for House" t-shirt, don't you?

#2: His Talent - He's a very talented Minister of Music, and he has a great voice. Be on the lookout for Burley and Newsome - the two best Music Ministers in the SBC!

#1: His Friendship - I miss you bro...and even though we live in the big ATL I always consider you a close friend. I hope we get to see each other soon!

Happy Birthday! Talk to you soon.
Love you bro!