Jan 17, 2008

Snow, Snow Everywhere!

We had the prettiest snowfall last night. It was really perfect - big, huge flakes that were just showering down and making everything look so beautiful. It's the first snow that Camryn has actually been old enough to enjoy, and she was just in love with it. We walked outside after church, and the snow was pouring down. I told her, "Look, baby, it's snow!" She looked up and grinned the biggest grin. Then she looked back at me and saw it in my hair and said, "Mommy, you's got bubbles in your hair?" She went to bed late last night because she just had to stand by the door and watch. She kept telling us, "It's coming down!" We had planned to play in it for a while this afternoon, but the rain came and made everything kind of slushy. So, no cute pictures of Cam in the snow, but I did get one shot of her while she was watching it ... even though you can't actually see the snow! We have loooovveeed being able to just bum around and relax during our snow day!