Jan 14, 2008

Good Deal!

Old Navy started their clearance sale this weekend - a total of 75% off of their sale items! Woo Hoo! Of course, if you're reading this, everything is probably mostly cleared out by now.

Everyone always comments on the amount of clothes that are in Camryn's closet. What can I say? I love to dress her up! Sales like the Old Navy one are how I do it! I buy for the next season and stock up on the really cheap stuff for daycare and just hanging out. That way I'm able to splurge a little more on cute outfits for church, going out, special occasions, etc. I was really proud of my purchases over the weekend - long sleeve t-shirts for $3.75 - perfect for daycare, a cute pink sweater for $3 or $4 dollars, a winter coat for $6, socks for 49 cents (they hardly ever have Cam's size, and I actually found 4 or 5 pair!), and some other odds and ends. Then we went to Target and there was a Christmas zip up sweater on the 75% off rack - it was only $2.09! I also got a couple of Christmas presents for Christmas '08. I know that is crazy, but I've already bought 3 presents for next Christmas just because I have found some awesome sales!


w's mommy said...

HAHA I hope your next baby is a BOY! Proud of your deals! YOu sound like my Mother in law she would be proud of your bargains!

Tres Alejandros said...

We went right after Christmas and got the 50% off sale. Sounds like you really hit the spot!