Jan 29, 2008

My New Book

I am so excited about my new book I ordered, The Mommy Journal. I ordered it before Christmas and because it was backordered I just got it this past Saturday. I saw it in a magazine, and it is intended to be a journal to write letters and thoughts to your child. I may do some of that, but Jason and I plan to use it primarily to record all of the funny and cute things Camryn is saying right now (see post below for a perfect example!). We just want to remember all of the sweet things she is saying and thought this would be a great way to remember them all. She says things and Jason always asks me, "Are you writing this down somewhere?" This journal is great because it's full of blank sections where we can write everything down with the date. I already have a list of things I have to enter in. I think this is a perfect gift, too, for new mommies!