Nov 28, 2007

Choosing our Christmas Tree

On Monday evening, we traveled to a tree farm in Seneca to choose our Christmas tree.

Jason and I found this tree farm the first year we were married and have gone back ever since. It is a Burley Family tradition now! This is the first year Camryn was able to go, and she loved it. When we opened the car door to get her out of her carseat, her eyes got very wide and she said, "Trees!"

Despite the drought, the tree farm had a really great selection this year, and we found a beautiful tree! Camryn even gave her seal of approval for the tree we chose.

The people who own the tree farm also raise chickens, goats, and rabbits, so we were able to check out the animals while we were there.

Camryn was not into the goats but really loved looking at the rabbits.

We had such a great family time and loved it that Camryn was old enough to enjoy it this year!

Nov 26, 2007

Camryn's Charlotte Visit

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving, but unfortunately, everyone will have to wait for pictures because I forgot to bring our camera!!! In my defense, I woke up the morning we planned to leave to find my daughter had decided to play in her dirty diaper, so we had an unexpected bath and load of laundry at 7:00 a.m. Wednesday morning. No wonder I forgot to grab the camera! I am depending on my sister and sister-in-law for pictures, so as soon they send them, I'll update everyone on our Thanksgiving adventures!

Until then, here are some pictures from Camryn's weekend in Charlotte with Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Justin. I don't think Aunt Lindsay was brave enough to take Camryn all the places she originally planned, but they did make a trip to Build-A-Bear and now Cam has a special bear to remember her visit! Although I missed her tons, it was nice for Jason and me to have a weekend together. We finished off most of our Christmas shopping and took care of our Santa duties, so we were pretty successful. We also slept late and had date night, so that made the whole weekend worthwhile!

All Smiles!

Apparently Cam was obsessed with the coasters ... probably because they have Cocky on them!

Really excited about the bear!

Giggling with Uncle Justin

She had so much fun!

Nov 20, 2007

And The Winner Is ...

Just Me And The Boys!!!

Thanks to all of you who played along, and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Nov 18, 2007

Play Along!

I have wanted to do this for a while now but could never find the right time to get it going. We're going to have a blog contest here at "The Burley Family." Over the next few days, I would like to invite everyone to leave a comment and tell me what you are most thankful for this Thanksgiving! In exchange for your participation, you will have a chance to win this super-cute 5x5 frame I found.

I will have Jason draw a name on Wednesday before we leave for all of our traveling. I am also doing this for slightly selfish reasons as well, because I would love to know who is reading the blog! This could severely backfire and NO ONE will leave a comment, so don't leave me hanging, people! Take a couple of seconds to think about all the things you have to be thankful for! It's time for all of you lurkers to come out of hiding, too, and leave a comment! I'll get things started:

A sweet, talented, loving husband ... a beautiful, precious, amazing daughter ... awesome parents ... a sister who is my best friend ... my awesome girlfriends ... sweet in-laws ... salvation ... forgiveness ... my church ... dogs ... a comfortable home to live in ... a job to go to each day ... chocolate ... cheesecake ... chocolate cheesecake ... friends ... our military ... safety ... money to spend for our wants and needs ... pizza ... music...and tons of other things I could go on all day about!


Nov 15, 2007

Shout Outs!

Our friends Ansley and Jarod had a sweet baby boy on Monday named Dax Cooper. We are so excited for them! Ansley and I shared our first pregnancy together, and our daughters were born 4 days apart. I decided to let her do the second pregnancy on her own ... she is a much braver woman than I am! Congrats, you guys! We can't wait to meet Dax!

Also, happy belated birthday to two of my Wofford girls, Jessica and Jenny who had birthdays this past week. Hope you girls both had wonderful days! I love you and miss you!

Nov 14, 2007

Teachable Moments

A couple of weeks ago, Camryn was in the worship service when our pastor baptized two children. When we got home I was making lunch, and Camryn was in the kitchen with me playing. Out of nowhere, she said, "Mama, Peach-a (preacher) Steve in water." I was so surprised that she had even paid attention to that or remembered it! I sat down with her and explained that yes, Preacher Steve was in the water. He was baptizing two children who gave their hearts to Jesus. And then I told her how proud I was of her for paying attention in church. Did she understand everything I said? Probably not. But, even though she is young, was that a teachable moment? Most definitely! If nothing else, she could tell Mommy was talking to her about something important (because she listened very carefully) and that Mommy was proud of her. I hope I always take advantage of those little moments that I have to teach her something about Jesus and His love!

Nov 12, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. I am SO ready for Christmas. No, I do not agree with all of the Christmas decorations that are already out and the Christmas music that is already playing on the radio stations, but I am very much anticipating the Christmas season. Camryn will be old enough this year to truly enjoy it, and I can't wait.

2. I bought brownies to make last Sunday night after church. As I pulled out the box, I realized I didn't have any eggs. So, the brownies were put on hold until I bought eggs Monday. Monday night I emptied the brownie package into a bowl, pulled out the oil, and Uh oh! Not enough oil. The package called for 1/4 cup of water and 1/2 cup oil. Well, I had 1/4 a cup of oil, so I thought, I'll just switch them - it can't be that bad. They were edible, but I wouldn't recommend it.

3. It seems everyone I know personally or know by association is pregnant with their second child, working on getting pregnant with their second child, or planning a child. Can I just say I'm sooooooooooo not there yet!

4. I started feeling panicked the other day because I realized I am only about halfway finished buying gifts for everyone for Christmas. Yes, I know other people have not even thought about buying the first Christmas gift yet, but it is causing me major strife to know I have not made more headway on my list.

5. I am homesick. I can't wait for Thanksgiving to get here so I can go home and be loved on by my mom, eat some of her good cooking, and just escape to good 'ol Cheraw for a few days.

6. Because Camryn has been sick, she has really needed her humidifier at night. While I was cleaning Wednesday, I dropped it on the floor. I didn't realize until I started filling it up for bedtime that night that I had cracked the tank and water was leaking out. Wednesday night was not a good night.

7. Everyone in my household was sick over the weekend. I think we are just passing this nasty cough thing back and forth to each other. Camryn spiked a random fever for no reason on Saturday night (101.6) but it didn't come back for the rest of the weekend - thank goodness. Her cough is getting better, if Mommy and Daddy could just shake it!

8.I seriously hate it when people criticize my husband and his ministry. If they have anything negative to say about what he is trying to do, they obviously don't know his heart and that his only desire is to help people worship!

9. Publix is seriously the most awesome grocery store. First, they have their "Mystery Item" each Sunday and Monday that you can buy for a penny if you spend $10. I have gotten paper towels, coffee, Halloween candy, milk, Publix soft drinks, and Hamburger Helper all for a penny! And on several occasions, they have given Camryn something fun while we waited in line. She's gotten a balloon and a ball during our most recent trips.

10. I took our dog, Gracie, for her annual check up last month, and the doctor put her on a diet. Now I measure her food each morning, and we have cut back on treats. She is not very happy about this. Every evening when I'm cleaning up the kitchen, she stands by her empty bowl and gives me this look:

I have tried to explain to her that she is on a diet to get her figure back, but that doesn't mean much to a dog. She just gives me a disgusted look and walks away.

11. I know saying this probably classifies me as one of "those" fans, but I can't stand to even watch the USC football games anymore. It is just too painful.

12. Camryn is going to spend this weekend with my sister in Charlotte. This is already causing me serious stress. What am I going to do without her for an entire weekend???

Nov 9, 2007

5 Local Places in Anderson you have to try!

Soups, salads, sandwiches, and home of the famous Bird Dog. Jason loves these things, and he is not alone! The bird dog is a chicken tender topped with bacon and honey mustard on a hot dog bun with melted cheese. You can't come to Anderson without trying these at least once.

The best place around for meat and three and sooooo good! You can always bet you'll see someone you know when you eat there. Almost everything on the menu is good - baked chicken, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, fried green tomatoes ... my mouth is watering!

3. Skins
The best hot dogs you'll ever have ... or so we've been told. Jason and I haven't had a Skins hot dog yet, but that will all change at lunchtime on Saturday. After almost a decade of living in Anderson, we're finally going to get a Skins' hot dog! Anyone who has ever lived in Anderson for any period of time will tell you Skins is the greatest. I'll let you know what I think!

4. Stewart's
Any former AC student reading this is snickering with me right now. Stewart's is the Anderson version of Waffle House. Yes, we have several Waffle Houses, but why go there when you have Stewart's! If you're a college student, there's just no place better for a late night waffle, bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwich, or hashbrown run!

Great homemade burger plates topped with anything you want and crinkle cut fries. Enough said.

Nov 7, 2007

When Do You Do It?

Tuesday nights are my cleaning nights. Jason is at Praise Team practice for most of the evening, so I have the chance to clean and spend a little one-on-one time with Camryn. While I clean, I usually let Camryn watch Bob (Veggie Tales), and it keeps her entertained so I can get some things accomplished. Last night, Bob failed me. I was only about halfway through cleaning when I looked up from scrubbing the shower, and Camryn was standing there watching me. I said, "Honey, are you watching Bob?" She said, "Uh huh." I said, "OK, well, go back in there and watch Bob." She said, "No, I walking." "Walking" meant she walked around the bathroom picking up all of the cleaning materials I didn't want her to touch. If Bob isn't going to work for me anymore, I don't know when I will ever get my cleaning done! Like every mama I know, I feel like my time is limited. Mondays and Thursday are our only nights together as a family. Sure, I could get stuff done on those nights while Jason watches Camryn, but then I'm giving up family time. Every other night of the week is dedicated to church, some sort of choir/ensemble practice, or time with friends. Saturdays are an option when we are home, but because we don't have our family close, we usually spend our weekends traveling to see them or having them visit us.

So, when do you other mamas do it? When do you get your cleaning done? I know all of you struggle with this like I do. My mom likes to remind me not to worry too much about it because there will be plenty of time to have a clean house when Camryn is gone one day. But, sometimes the ring in the toilet and the gunk in the shower gets so bad, you just have to do something about it!!!

Nov 6, 2007

Crazy Morning

Sometimes I think I am the most thrown together mama on the planet. Camryn was diagnosed with a respiratory infection last week, so I have now added breathing treatments to my morning routine. The cough was not getting better so the doctor called in steroids yesterday to add to the breathing treatments which makes them last longer. I have to wake Camryn up a little earlier each morning to make sure we can fit it all in and am still rushing around trying to get out the door. I try to get some things in order the night before so I am more organized in the morning but sometimes my efforts fail. This morning I put the Cocky DVD in the player to have it ready to watch during our breathing treatments (the only way she will sit still through the whole thing). This requires the use of 3 different remote controls on which I am randomly pushing buttons just hoping they work (courtesy of my sweet husband and his surround sound-flat screen TV set up that I don't understand). Then I rushed to pull a clean shirt out of the dryer to throw on and grabbed pants on the drying rack that probably needed ironing. Threw those on and went in to get her. She woke up in a cranky mood and didn't like the first 2 shirts I picked out for her to wear. (By the way, why did I even let a 20 month old dictate to me which shirt she wanted to wear???) We get dressed and start the breathing treatment which is taking foooorrrreeevvveeerrrr to finish, and she's complaining that she wants bek-sit (breakfast). Finally I just shut it off b/c I HAD to get out the door and tell Jason to finish it after she eats. Next up - a battle over the blessing. Lately Camryn has not wanted to say the blessing before we eat because it delays her food. We say "God Is Great" ... I say each phrase and she says the last word. So, I put her in her chair and we have this conversation:

Me: Let's say the blessing.
Cam: No Law-uhd (Lord), bread, amen.
Me: Yes, we have to say the blessing before we eat.
Cam: Noooo beeesssssiiiinnngggg (starts crying at this point)
Me: Camryn, we have to say the blessing. We don't eat if we don't say the blessing. Do you want me to take your food?
Cam: Uh-huh

Ok ... obviously we are not getting anywhere with this conversation, I am getting exasperated, and I'm running late.

Me: Camryn, Mommy will throw your breakfast in the trash can if we do not say the blessing.

Not really ... but it worked. Jason is much better at this this I am. Last night when she fussed about the blessing he calmly told her we have to thank Jesus for our food. Me? I threaten to chuck it. We said the blessing, I kissed everyone, grabbed my stuff and headed out the door.

Before I even made it out of the driveway, I have to call Jason to remind him where her jacket is because I didn't put it by the door. I hang up and realize I didn't tell him to rinse out the breathing machine stuff after he finishes. I'm putting on lipstick and fixing my collar as I drive down the road and realize I have buttons on my sleeve cuff that are unbuttoned. Do you know how hard it is to button those things by yourself? I couldn't believe I actually pulled into the parking lot at work at 7:59 ... one minute early.

Nov 4, 2007

Grandma and Grandpa's House

We went to Columbia Friday and Saturday night and had a really nice visit. We had planned to go to the zoo on Saturday morning but had to cancel that trip because Camryn went to the doctor earlier in the week for an upper respiratory infection. It was just too cold to be outside with a sick little girl. Although we were sad we didn't get to see the animals, we still had fun just relaxing at Grandma and Grandpa's and playing with Aunt Alison, Uncle Isaac, and Caleb. Here are some pictures from our weekend.

Nov 2, 2007

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have been working my way through the Harry Potter series. I finished the final book last Saturday and have realized since that time I really need to get a life! This week's Friday Five is five evidences I need to get a new hobby!

1) Since last Saturday I have been in a state of mourning because I don't have any more Harry Potter books to read. I actually have free time on my hands again because I'm not spending every moment reading!

2) I have also spent the last week wrestling with my feelings over Snape. How do you undo six and three-fourths of a book of pure hatred with one chapter?

3) As I was reading the last few chapters of the 7th book, I was sitting in the den with Jason while he watched TV. Every time he would try to talk to me, I would shoot him dirty looks for interrupting me. He laughingly told me he felt like I was cheating on him with a 14 year old boy because I wasn't paying him any attention. I very matter-of-factly told him that because I was on the last book, Harry was now 17 and of age according to the wizarding world.

4) I was telling Jason about a friend who is unhappy with her job at the moment because of administrative changes. I told him it was similar to the Death Eaters infiltrating the ministry.

5) Jason was fussing at Gracie (our dog) for something I thought was unfair. I fussed at him and likened Gracie to a house elf who just wanted to serve her master and deserved respect. He looked at me like I had lost my mind and asked if I planned to join S.P.E.W. (he's read the books, too!)