Nov 9, 2007

5 Local Places in Anderson you have to try!

Soups, salads, sandwiches, and home of the famous Bird Dog. Jason loves these things, and he is not alone! The bird dog is a chicken tender topped with bacon and honey mustard on a hot dog bun with melted cheese. You can't come to Anderson without trying these at least once.

The best place around for meat and three and sooooo good! You can always bet you'll see someone you know when you eat there. Almost everything on the menu is good - baked chicken, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, fried green tomatoes ... my mouth is watering!

3. Skins
The best hot dogs you'll ever have ... or so we've been told. Jason and I haven't had a Skins hot dog yet, but that will all change at lunchtime on Saturday. After almost a decade of living in Anderson, we're finally going to get a Skins' hot dog! Anyone who has ever lived in Anderson for any period of time will tell you Skins is the greatest. I'll let you know what I think!

4. Stewart's
Any former AC student reading this is snickering with me right now. Stewart's is the Anderson version of Waffle House. Yes, we have several Waffle Houses, but why go there when you have Stewart's! If you're a college student, there's just no place better for a late night waffle, bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwich, or hashbrown run!

Great homemade burger plates topped with anything you want and crinkle cut fries. Enough said.


beth said...

I want to know HOW in the WORLD you 2 are friends with us and never been to skins? ARE you going to the original in the ghetto? that is the true expereince? YEAH for JC's and birddogs and those fries that make your breath stink for days! Mama Penns YUMMY after church! I wish we had something like that close by

Heather said...

We are actually going to a new one that just opened near our house next to Bloom. I'm a little scared to try the ghetto one! Are there any "rules" for ordering? Aren't you supposed to just walk in and just start telling them the toppings you want or something like that?

Lindsay said...

I LOVE LOVE bird dogs!! And Skins is yummy!! We have to eat there the next time we're in Anderson - Justin really wants to try a Skins hot dog and I keep suggesting that we go other places! I'm jealous - I could TOTALLY go for a bird dog today!

w's mommy said...

WEll if you are like me then you want to order yours "all the way" you may not be impressed...but its just the whole expereince of it--some day you WILL HAVE TO go to the ghetto one just to say you did it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA mmmmmmmmmmm bird dogs...maybe that might be worth a trip to A_TOWN how late do they stay open...can we meet you there for dinner?