Nov 7, 2007

When Do You Do It?

Tuesday nights are my cleaning nights. Jason is at Praise Team practice for most of the evening, so I have the chance to clean and spend a little one-on-one time with Camryn. While I clean, I usually let Camryn watch Bob (Veggie Tales), and it keeps her entertained so I can get some things accomplished. Last night, Bob failed me. I was only about halfway through cleaning when I looked up from scrubbing the shower, and Camryn was standing there watching me. I said, "Honey, are you watching Bob?" She said, "Uh huh." I said, "OK, well, go back in there and watch Bob." She said, "No, I walking." "Walking" meant she walked around the bathroom picking up all of the cleaning materials I didn't want her to touch. If Bob isn't going to work for me anymore, I don't know when I will ever get my cleaning done! Like every mama I know, I feel like my time is limited. Mondays and Thursday are our only nights together as a family. Sure, I could get stuff done on those nights while Jason watches Camryn, but then I'm giving up family time. Every other night of the week is dedicated to church, some sort of choir/ensemble practice, or time with friends. Saturdays are an option when we are home, but because we don't have our family close, we usually spend our weekends traveling to see them or having them visit us.

So, when do you other mamas do it? When do you get your cleaning done? I know all of you struggle with this like I do. My mom likes to remind me not to worry too much about it because there will be plenty of time to have a clean house when Camryn is gone one day. But, sometimes the ring in the toilet and the gunk in the shower gets so bad, you just have to do something about it!!!


Lindsay said...

Have you tried getting a DVD of the Backyardigans? She really seems to like that when it's on Noggin. Maybe she just needs a change and she's tired of the same Bob.

w's mommy said...

Well I'm afraid your mom is right! I just try to do a little on those family night times....I also have to say having one saturday or friday night where you can just get your hands on everything a month really helps......WE would be MORE than happy to either come watch her or have her spend the night with you can down to the nitty gritty and get your house sparkling! Overall I look sometimes and wonder how we come out of the shower clean...and then I take one look at my boys and realise it can wait! My other suggestion is to have her help you...she is old enough to help with some stuff..dusting,laundry...may take longer...but you are teaching her responsibility along with helping mommy!