Nov 14, 2007

Teachable Moments

A couple of weeks ago, Camryn was in the worship service when our pastor baptized two children. When we got home I was making lunch, and Camryn was in the kitchen with me playing. Out of nowhere, she said, "Mama, Peach-a (preacher) Steve in water." I was so surprised that she had even paid attention to that or remembered it! I sat down with her and explained that yes, Preacher Steve was in the water. He was baptizing two children who gave their hearts to Jesus. And then I told her how proud I was of her for paying attention in church. Did she understand everything I said? Probably not. But, even though she is young, was that a teachable moment? Most definitely! If nothing else, she could tell Mommy was talking to her about something important (because she listened very carefully) and that Mommy was proud of her. I hope I always take advantage of those little moments that I have to teach her something about Jesus and His love!


Lindsay said...

That is so sweet!!

w's mommy said...

You just wait....there will be some times that she will say things back that you thought she was not listening to you...and you will instantly BUST into tears! She is one smart cookie---takes after her Mommy!