Nov 12, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. I am SO ready for Christmas. No, I do not agree with all of the Christmas decorations that are already out and the Christmas music that is already playing on the radio stations, but I am very much anticipating the Christmas season. Camryn will be old enough this year to truly enjoy it, and I can't wait.

2. I bought brownies to make last Sunday night after church. As I pulled out the box, I realized I didn't have any eggs. So, the brownies were put on hold until I bought eggs Monday. Monday night I emptied the brownie package into a bowl, pulled out the oil, and Uh oh! Not enough oil. The package called for 1/4 cup of water and 1/2 cup oil. Well, I had 1/4 a cup of oil, so I thought, I'll just switch them - it can't be that bad. They were edible, but I wouldn't recommend it.

3. It seems everyone I know personally or know by association is pregnant with their second child, working on getting pregnant with their second child, or planning a child. Can I just say I'm sooooooooooo not there yet!

4. I started feeling panicked the other day because I realized I am only about halfway finished buying gifts for everyone for Christmas. Yes, I know other people have not even thought about buying the first Christmas gift yet, but it is causing me major strife to know I have not made more headway on my list.

5. I am homesick. I can't wait for Thanksgiving to get here so I can go home and be loved on by my mom, eat some of her good cooking, and just escape to good 'ol Cheraw for a few days.

6. Because Camryn has been sick, she has really needed her humidifier at night. While I was cleaning Wednesday, I dropped it on the floor. I didn't realize until I started filling it up for bedtime that night that I had cracked the tank and water was leaking out. Wednesday night was not a good night.

7. Everyone in my household was sick over the weekend. I think we are just passing this nasty cough thing back and forth to each other. Camryn spiked a random fever for no reason on Saturday night (101.6) but it didn't come back for the rest of the weekend - thank goodness. Her cough is getting better, if Mommy and Daddy could just shake it!

8.I seriously hate it when people criticize my husband and his ministry. If they have anything negative to say about what he is trying to do, they obviously don't know his heart and that his only desire is to help people worship!

9. Publix is seriously the most awesome grocery store. First, they have their "Mystery Item" each Sunday and Monday that you can buy for a penny if you spend $10. I have gotten paper towels, coffee, Halloween candy, milk, Publix soft drinks, and Hamburger Helper all for a penny! And on several occasions, they have given Camryn something fun while we waited in line. She's gotten a balloon and a ball during our most recent trips.

10. I took our dog, Gracie, for her annual check up last month, and the doctor put her on a diet. Now I measure her food each morning, and we have cut back on treats. She is not very happy about this. Every evening when I'm cleaning up the kitchen, she stands by her empty bowl and gives me this look:

I have tried to explain to her that she is on a diet to get her figure back, but that doesn't mean much to a dog. She just gives me a disgusted look and walks away.

11. I know saying this probably classifies me as one of "those" fans, but I can't stand to even watch the USC football games anymore. It is just too painful.

12. Camryn is going to spend this weekend with my sister in Charlotte. This is already causing me serious stress. What am I going to do without her for an entire weekend???


Lindsay said...

Well, while you're stressing out...I'm loving it! I can't wait!! I've already started planning where I want to take her...I need to narrow it down! Items on my list:
1) Build-A-Bear
2) Chuck-E-Cheese
3) Discovery Place
4) ImaginOn

w's mommy said...

WOW AUNTIE Lindsay you are brave...I wouldn;t even take W to some of those and he is 3! More power to ya sister---Sounds like you may have to take Monday off from work! HAHAHAHAHA
Heather YOU ARE INSANE---with your Cmas shopping...and GIRL I can think of a few things that you and your sweet hubs can do while your kid is out of the state!!! Like how about start thinking on # 3! Love ya! Praying for a great weekend! I'm homesick too...and its looking like a Lancaster Holiday---can I just keep driving to Cheraw?

Heather said...

HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!! I had to go back and read what I had written for number 3!!! I think I have to have the hub's cooperation for that, and that is a NO GO! And, yes, Aunt Lindsay is very brave. I got tired just reading her list!

Ashley said...

Hey Heather and Lindsay!
Erin gave me the link to your blog so I check it out every so often (LOVE IT, by the way). We live in Matthews and I totally think that you should take Camryn to Charlotte at Play this weekend, Lindsay!! It's VERY age-appropriate and we love it there! It's $6 for each person and it is so much fun! Check it out:
Ashley (McBride) Holmes

Lindsay said...

THANKS Ashley! That's a great idea!! :) She'd love that!

NotesbyNewsome said...

I love the look Gracie gives you!!! That is so the same look that we get from our dog Gizmo. Don't forget if you all ever want to visit Atl that you have a place to stay!! We'd love to have ya'll anytime...or maybe we could just meet in commerce sometime...the guys could chat music stuff and we could shop!!