Mar 28, 2008

Wonders Pets Remix

This morning while I was fixing Camryn's hair, she was playing with her Qtips ... she likes to hide them in her pants legs so that I have to find them before I clean her ears. Crazy kid. Anyway, she all of a sudden said this:

"Hop in the flyboat Wonder Pets! We got a baby Qtip to save!"

Then she sang:

"Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets, we on our way. To save a baby Qtip and save the day. We're not too big, and we're not too tough but when we work together we got the right stuff. Gooooo, Wonder Pets! Yay!"

Then she ended with:

"Thank you Wonder Pets for saving my baby Qtip."

I called my sister this morning to share that with her. I asked her if she thought it was funny enough to be blog fodder (that's for you SE!). She said of course! Any time you're saving a baby Qtip, that's humor!


Anonymous said...

I have shared this story with SO many people and I've gotten a big laugh every time - this is really funny!!

Anonymous said...

SE said...
Blog fodder....I love it!