Mar 20, 2008

March Madness

Jason and I both fill out brackets every year. It's our marriage building project for the month of March. Ha ha! He takes his picks very seriously and then gets a serious laugh from my picks. I don't watch basketball, so I never really know anything about the teams as I'm filling out the brackets. There are exactly three things I knew this year: North Carolina is #1, the Tigers made it in (boo!), and my Winthrop made it in (hooray!). I also filled out three different brackets this year just for the fun of it. One based on my "instinct" as to who would win each match-up, one based on which mascot/school logo I liked best (such a girl way to choose), and one based on the highest ranked team with a couple of upsets here and there because there are always a few. We'll see if Jason's or my bracket(s) end up being better. He's always amazed at how my "instinct picks" or oh-so-scientific mascot picks end up winning!

As a side note, we also tried to get Camryn to fill out a bracket this year. We just asked which mascot she liked best. She is such a stinker, because if she doesn't understand or know the answer to a question, she refuses to try to answer. So, since Tarheels and Eagles and Huskies don't make any sense to her, she just gave us a look and asked where her phone was. Maybe next year she will join in the fun!