Mar 12, 2008


I have realized I am surrounded by pregnancies! Two of my very best friends are pregnant, girls that I lived with at Winthrop have either just had babies (as recently as Monday!) or are pregnant, 2 girls I work with are pregnant,and I know of at least four people who are currently trying to get pregnant or are planning to start trying later this year. It's enough to make a girl start catching baby fever!! (Just kidding - but it does make your heart melt a little when you buy the shower gifts and start seeing all those sweet baby things!) Until recently, I never really realized how precious a healthy, easy pregnancy is. I guess I just took for granted that if you wanted to get pregnant, you just did! I never really knew anyone who didn't have an easy time getting pregnant. I even had such a great pregnancy with Camryn and am beyond thankful that carrying her was so easy! But, I have seen many people around me struggle with miscarriages, issues that keep them from having healthy pregnancies, and struggle with trying for sooooo long without results. It is really heartbreaking to watch people you love deal with these things, especially when you know how much they would love a child and what a good home they would provide. But, I have also seen that God has a plan and blesses families in His perfect timing! Two of the girls I mentioned above have healthy boys (one on the way!) after miscarriages. I can't wait to meet all of these sweet babies. Many of their mommies and daddies are so very precious to me, and I know these little ones will steal my heart as well!


Adriennealine said...

Girl, with that title, I thought you were about to announce something! Ha ha ha!

Tres Alejandros said...

Well said.