Apr 24, 2008

Why I Haven't Blogged This Week

Endless hours of testing at work

A marathon meeting on Tuesday with a pushy parent advocate

A 2 year old who cried from 11:30 pm until 1:15 am Wednesday night

A phone call from an irate parent who yelled at me and then slammed the phone down

2 separate meetings in which the parents stood us up and then showed up 20 minutes after the meeting ended

A job opportunity that fell through

A set of someone else's keys I accidentally locked in an office

Sore muscles because I actually started exercising again this week

An early bedtime so I can get up at 5 am each morning to exercise

A situation I am really praying about

Emails and phone calls from friends that have not yet been returned (I feel really bad about this)

A child who has come home from daycare every day this week with a bucket full of sand in her hair

A child who has had a pretty rough cough since Monday

All equal one looooonnnngggg week!


w & j's mommy said...

WEll we love you! Weeks like that are not fun...sand sand and more sand! I guess that is kinda God's way of telling you even though ITS there...you can wash it away and its all better..but it does not guarantee that it won't be there the VERY next day.! ..HE is faithful

Anonymous said...

well, atleast you got up and excercised in spite of everything else going on... :)

Ansley said...

I feel your pain about the sand in the hair...We have had that same experience every single day!!!!