Sep 13, 2007

KWH Memories

Well I have a ton of memories, more funny than sentimental! Of course, you know it has to do with pumpkin muffins …

It was my first year being an RA on the 4th floor of Wofford Hall, and I was trying my best to study amid all the noise on my hall and outside the building. On a typical weeknight, there was one mousy looking guy that would drive up in front of the building, park, get out of his car with it still running and rap music blaring, and attempt to pick up chicks. This had been happening quite often, and frankly I was getting tired of it! I didn't want to call Campus Police again, and I was ready to take matters into my own hands! I remembered that my mom had made me these weird pumpkin muffins, and I didn't like them so I stuck them in my freezer. You know - just in case I started to like them another day! Frustrated and ticked off, I stomped over to the MicroFridge, grabbed the bag of muffins and geared up for battle. I hid behind my curtain and chunked one muffin out of the window. I listened intently and didn't hear any reaction from below. So I thought "Let me try this one more time!" I then threw another one below, until I heard, "Ow! That hurt! What was that?" I sheepishly started to giggle to myself thinking I finally got someone’s attention! I then heard a girl proclaim "Ahhh haaa - You just got hit in the head with a muffin!" I peeked down below and saw the guy rubbing his head looking up and looking pretty embarrassed. I wiped my hands and thought to myself that I had accomplished my task because soon after that, he got in his car and drove away! I HEART WOFFORD TIMES!

Well I have so many memories about KWH! Sometimes I can't remember which year they occurred. Some of the memories are ones I probably shouldn't share now that we are all grown up! I remember Heather cooking lasagna for us in the first floor kitchen. It was so good! I have used her recipe ever since! I remember Amanda coming downstairs asking everyone if their bellybuttons stink! I remember the RD before Heather going out with the Public Safety officer, and some of us followed them around! That was HILARIOUS! I still can't believe we did that! I remember making the HUGE quilt as a community builder. That was a good one! I remember doing the time capsule the next year and making the magazine of my residents on the 8th floor, Penthouse Playmates. It was really cute! I remember hanging out with residents until all hours of the night, and then hanging out with RA's. I remember faking many walk-throughs. Honestly I don't remember doing many of those! I remember Sarah handpicking and doing everything she could to get Teresa to be her replacement. Thanks Sarah! Great choice! I remember baby Kyle, end of the year parties, getting in trouble with JT, eating in the cafe, doing bulletin boards late into the night, watching Jessica scrapbook, modge podging in Jess's room, going to Denny's ...the list could go on forever. My Winthrop years were some of the very best of my life. I credit those years to Kate Wofford Hall and all of the good times! (Oh yeah, did I mention the shower flies I lived with for 4 years! - loved them, too!)

I don't have the best memory but I do remember... Chrissy doing something funny at most every staff meeting. Christmas party December of 2000 down in the basement, basically one of my last nights in KWH. My favorite memory most of all was when my parents and I were driving away from Winthrop after Graduation. I turned around and saw all of y'all running towards our car. I jumped out, thinking that I had left something, but I think it was that I had not had a chance to say goodbye to one of you. We had a group hug and Jenny said the sweetest prayer! I just remember thinking what a special group y'all were and how much I was going to miss y'all. I am so thankful to have had such a wonderful experience as an RA at KWH. I feel most blessed to have gotten to know y'all and still have you as friends!

I have many happy memories from Kate Wofford Hall... it so hard to pick just one! I have been trying to think of just one in particular and my thoughts jump from Amanda's stinky belly button to pumpkin muffins to Chrissy jumping out of box like she was a cat! A very happy memory I have was after the Residence Life banquet at the end of the year, and we were all in our Hawaiian attire, and we all got in the bed of Farmer's truck and drove around campus and local areas surrounding campus ... I just remember being happy that night and thinking to myself that I am so incredibly thankful for these girls!! I am so thankful that Sarah N. got me another application to be a RA (after I threw the first one out b/c I thought the list of responsibilities was outrageous!!) and dropped it off at Phelps so I could fill it out. Being an RA truly shaped who I am now... and my semester with you ladies was by far my favorite and most fun semester! I HEART each of you!