Sep 24, 2007

Grandma & Papa's Visit

Camryn had a ball this past Saturday because her Grandma and Papa Burley came to visit. She was so silly and such a show-off all day because she had a captive audience. It was so cute watching her perform and love on Grandma and Papa all day. They were also the best in her eyes because they brought her a toy car! I have been wanting to get her a car for a long time because she loves pushing things around on the floor, and Grandma and Papa found a great girl car, complete with mommy and baby, that plays a cute little song. We had such a great visit with them. I've included some fun pictures below.

I've also included a couple of pictures of Cam's first ponytail. It looks a little rough in the pictures, but I promise it was really cute in person! She looked like such a BIG girl with her hair pulled back like that. And, let me tell you, she went to church last night and worked that ponytail! Everyone kept telling her how cute it was, and she just ate it up.

And finally ... a new blog for everyone to check out! Our friends in Georgia (Jason and Andy were roommates at Anderson College and are both music ministers now, and Michelle and I were at Winthrop together) just started a blog for their family. Go check out their super-sweet kids!

Playtime with Grandma
Camryn made sure everyone had time to read with her. First Grandma ...

... then Grandpa!

Camryn loves giving hugs. She gives really good ones!

So there were hugs all around!

Our first ponytail!

My sweet, sweet girl!


w's mommy said...

Love the pics with Jen Q and C Burley!We love them too!!! Love the pony tail and the reding pics!!! I guess that seals the deal with what she will get for Christmas and birthdays to come...we want to make little readers out of these kiddos! We miss you....

w's mommy said...

another thing at a 2nd glance.....HOW SWEET is Mr. Burley????? LOVE HIM!

w's mommy said...

10:17 at night I just had to show Jordan how sweet Camryn is....we really think she may be one of the sweetest little girls either of us has EVEEEEEEEEEEEER seen