Aug 10, 2008

Our Week By the Numbers

1 house that closed on Friday

1 night spent in the basement apartment - our temporary home - until we find a house to make our own

1 time that Camryn has cried to go "home" since we left

1 Alyssa/Camryn scrapbook Kelli made as a going away present that made me cry

2 nights spent with the Edwards family once we became homeless

2 trips we've already made to our new favorite Mexican restaurant in Lancaster

2 Sundays at our new church (which we love, by the way!)

2 Sundays missing our old church (which we'll always love!)

4 carloads full of "stuff" we moved to Lancaster

5 minutes Jason & I spent saying a final goodbye to our empty house before we couldn't take it anymore

6 hours spent with the movers

7 pages of line-by-line inventory that the movers packed into the moving truck

8 trips made between Anderson and Lancaster

10 fast food meals we've had to eat while in transition

14 houses we've looked at in Lancaster

44 boxes packed before the movers came

66 new Facebook friends for Jason - his new addiction

102.9 - the fever Camryn had before bed tonight

$161.55 spent on gas going back and forth between two towns in one week

$239 spent 2 hours before closing to fix an air conditioner we weren't even going to own anymore

592 - number of calls back and forth to our realtor within the last 48 hours before closing

$3252 estimated cost of moving expenses

10,000 the number of annoying requests/demands the buyer of our house made

Goodbye to Anderson, our sweet little Canebrake home, CBC of Anderson, pool days at the Hammetts', SE, Jeffie, Al, Kel, Lyss, Freddie, & Steph - WE LOVE YOU!


Anonymous said...

Emily Said...
I was doing good reading this until you got to the goodbye part. It's not good to be tearing up right now cause I'm about to go get my school picture taken!!!! Anyway, Call me sometime...ya know whenever you just want to talk, I'll be here!!! I love you all!!! Tell Jason and Camryn I said hey!!!
Love always- Emily

SE said...

That started out really cute and then got really depressing. Not only are you all officially gone from Anderson, but I am more convinced that ever that I am never moving out of my house.

w and js mommy said...

I'll 2nd SE that you guys have for sure made us NOT want to move any time soon! We love you

Anonymous said...

Stacy said:
I miss you guys!!!!!! Choir practice is not the same without by BFF beside me. I hope that your move went well and I hope that you find a house soon. Please stay in touch.
I hope to see you all soon. Love Stacy