May 25, 2010

The Baby Stash

When I was pregnant with Camryn, one of the main things I worried about was making suppers for us once she was born. I knew I would be tired and preoccupied with her and wouldn't feel like/have time to get in the kitchen and make supper each night. So, I decided about a month before she got here to start making and freezing extra meals. It was a lifesaver some nights during those first few weeks.

As you can see above, I've already started my "Ella stash." It's been even more important to me this time around to have some good meals ready, especially since I don't want Camryn to have to live on Spaghettio's or take out food until I'm ready to get back in the kitchen on a nightly basis. I have a lot more I want to accomplish before Ella gets here, but this is what I have so far:

2 meals of chicken & dumplins
1 meal of marinated mexican chile & lime chicken
2 meals of marinated teriyaki chicken
2 meals of meatloaf
1 meal of homemade chicken nuggets
1 bag of baked & seasoned chicken (for chicken casserole or pot pie)
1 bag of spaghetti sauce
2 meals of potato soup
4 hamburgers
2 bags of blueberry muffins (4 breakfasts)
1 homemade cheesecake

Anybody have suggestions for other meals that freeze easily?


J and SE said...

Taco soup freezes well.

The SC Denneys said...

You are too good. Isn't that why you have help with the meals.

Nichole Devescovi said...

Burritos freeze well.. Also, cooking up a bunch of ground beef and then you just thaw, season and can make so many different things.
Vegetable soup or beef stew (just leave out the potatoes).

You are so organized! I just rely on my husband/mom to cook for me for the first 2 weeks or so. ;-)

About Us said...

omg - you are my hero girl! i HAVE to try this whenever we have a second. what a great idea! i mean i've heard of people doing this but never imagined doing it myself. you're set for at least a month or so with these meals!

w and js mommy said...

I agree with the ground beef. I did 4 lbs and broke it up ..seasoned some in mexican, italian, and plain then labeled them and all we had to do was add it to the meal.
YOU GO GIRL but I have feeling with all that LOOT you got from Covenant they are not going to let you go hungry any time soon after your baby is born! What a blessing you have in the fellowship there.
Can't wait to meet Ella! :)