Jun 25, 2009

Our Frugal Find

The countdown to our Disney World vacation has begun! Only 23 days until we are Mickey-bound! As we've planned for our trip, we realized we were going to need a bigger umbrella stroller for Camryn. We bought the one we currently have when she was much younger, and she has definitely outgrown it. We looked into renting a Disney stroller while we were there but decided that wasn't going to be the best option for us. As we researched new strollers, we found the Maclaren line was the best for her age and weight. However, almost $200 for a new stroller was not in the Disney budget.

There is a small place near our church that is basically one big yard sale every day of the week. As we were leaving the VBS kickoff party last Saturday, we passed by and Jason noticed they had a Maclaren stroller for sale. We went to check it out and found that it was still in pretty good shape. It is definitely an older model and definitely needed some TLC, but when we found out it was only $15, we couldn't pass it up. When we got it home, we took it apart, and I put all of the fabric pieces in the washer on the stain wash cycle with warm water - a 2 1/2 hour cycle on my washer! I cleaned the frame and wheels, and it looks pretty darn good! The fabric is still faded in spots, but after 2 1/2 hours in the washer, I at least know it's clean! It's not new, but we've decided if it only lasts us through a week at Disney World, it's worth our $15!


You may not be able to tell much of a difference from the pictures, but I will at least allow it in my house now if that tells you anything!

By the way, has anybody else been having trouble getting pictures to move around on Blogger lately? It's driving me crazy!


SE said...

Woo hoo for DW! I was so excited when I realized the my countdown was only showing days!

Mary Ann said...

Great job! You all will have sooo much fun! Let me give you a couple of money saving tips. Take a back pack with you and take your water bottle in unopened. You will drink water like crazy there since it is sooo hot and humid. Water bottles cost $3-4 each.We also took snacks in too. When we went last time we only had 5 of us but to save some money we ate a huge breakfast at our hotel and then only got like a sandwich for lunch and we took our own soda's in too. Then we would eat some where nice with the dinning with Mickey, Minnie. I can't wait to take the girls! Oh yeah, take Camryn some shades and a hat and carry your sunscreen in too to reapply. We would open and shut the parks! Have fun!!!!

KLee said...

Yea for Disney! What a great find (and clean up job) on the stroller!

(and yes, blogger pics are driving me crazy as well. I am having to be strategic about how I upload them, argh!)