Jun 8, 2009

Fun Filled Weekend

We had a fabulous family weekend. Friday was an all-day shopping day! My feet hurt by the time we were through we shopped for so long. We had a few birthday presents to buy, plus some things we needed for ourselves. Because the Old Navy coupons have been so hard to catch lately, I went to one of my couponing sites and posted a plea for anyone to share a coupon they weren't going to use. When I woke up Friday morning, I had a $50 off $100 purchase in my inbox from an awesome but complete stranger! Old Navy was definitely our first stop of the day!

Friday night we had a family camp out in Camryn's playroom. Jason and I have actually been planning this for a few weeks but didn't tell Camryn until Friday night. This was the look on her face when we told her:

So, while Daddy grilled hamburgers for our camp out supper . . .

we also had fun blowing bubbles . . .

After we cleaned up from supper, we popped popcorn and headed up to the playroom to watch Sleeping Beauty before bedtime.

During the night, Camryn slept in her tent . . .

. . . while Mommy and Daddy camped out on the floor. Sorry, no pictures of us!

Saturday, we went to Charlotte for lunch with my dad, Debbie, Lindsay, and Justin. We had pizza in the NoDa district of Charlotte, then had dessert at this fabulous little place. We ate our dessert and then bought more to take home! Yes, it was that good! The best part of our visit was when Keller (my nephew who is due in a couple of weeks) finally moved for me! He was actually moving all of the place on Saturday. Can't wait til that little man finally makes his debut!

Sunday we got to be a part of our first baptism at Covenant. We had a great afternoon at the Cudd River Home on Lake Wateree. Lots of fun in the water, food, and good times. This was my first time witnessing an outdoor baptism, and it was awesome! Here are some pictures that I stole from Meagan's Facebook page since I forgot my camera (Thanks, Meagan)!


This might be hard to see, but there was a faint rainbow that appeared over the water right before the baptism began. Doesn't God do some really neat things sometimes?


Chris, Amanda, Ethan & Abbey said...

what a great idea of camping out! i'll have to store that one away. and i'll have to try this little french bakery - it's a mile from where i work! it's a shame i haven't found it yet.

meetthesmiths said...

Awww - it looks like ya'll had so much fun!! Also, I love Camryn's little skirt and tank top - very cute!
Pretty pictures of the baptism - they almost look fake b/c they're so perfect!

w and js mommy said...

YOU ARE NOT allowed to "steal" off facebook unless you have an account I think that is in the rules somewhere!!! I think you are breaking under the pressure!

Fun camping night!