Jun 20, 2008

My Father's Day Post

Has anyone else noticed how demeaning commercials are to men lately? Seriously, if you sit down to watch any 30 minute TV show, pay attention to the commercials - several of them will be aimed at making the man look completely stupid, inept, and brainless. Jason and I just shake our heads when we see some of these commercials. Some of my personal "favorites" are the one where the man turns on the vacuum cleaner, and it goes berserk, sucking in the curtains and everything in the room. Then the commercial cuts to his wife who is just standing there shaking her head. Another one that aired a year or so ago showed a man standing on the side of the road with a flat tire looking completely helpless. He looks so relieved when a car finally drives up, and it's his wife, dressed in a black dress with her hair done up, obviously on her way to some fancy party, coming to her poor, hapless husband's rescue to change the tire that he has no clue how to fix himself. Or, during tax time, when the husband buys the home tax system and then gets confused about what he's doing. His wife holds the box up in front of his face and says, "Why don't you ask the box?" Those are just a few examples. I could go on and on because you see this type of commercial all the time! Advertisers know they could never get away with making a woman look so helpless or dependent on her husband. Imagine the tax commercial in reverse, with the husband holding the box in front of his wife's face like that! There would be an uproar like advertisers had never heard before. We would pitch a fit if a man talked to his wife like that, yet we laugh when the wife makes her husband look stupid!

I am proud to have the husband I have. He's not helpless and pitiful like the men portrayed in these commercials. He is fully capable of operating a vacuum, washing machine, oven, and shopping for groceries, not because he's whipped or a wimp, but because he loves me enough to help me out around the house when I need it. He is fully capable of changing a tire, making household repairs, managing our finances, and leading our household. He is willing to change a diaper, get our daughter dressed, play with dolls, dollhouses, and Legos alike, and is the best daddy ever! He loves "his girls," spends time with us, wants good things for us, and takes care of us. He's the best! Happy Father's Day, Jason!