Oct 13, 2011


I've mentioned here before that we are planning our next Disney World trip for 2013. We've already been planning and working on the logistics of our trip. Camryn will be 7 the next time we go, so she'll be too big for a stroller. And, because we have a "divide and conquer" mentality when we're at DW and don't stop for many rest breaks, we knew she wouldn't be able to keep up just walking. And we don't do whining. Not at Disney World.

We figured a Sit N Stand was probably going to be our best option, but we had absolutely no intentions of going out to buy a brand new one. Camryn is already teetering on the edge of the weight limit, and we really only want it for that one week in 2013.

There is a place in town called The Little White House that is basically one big yard sale every day. It's on a main road right through town, which is great because if you keep your eye on what they have, there are some really awesome finds! So, we decided, we have until 2013 ... we'll wait for The Little White House to get a Sit N Stand. Last week, there it was. And, we could not ask for it to be in better condition. No stains, no fading ... it was just dirty as if someone had left it in a garage or storage shed for the past few months. We had no problems cleaning up "just dirty."

Guess how much we paid for it. These things retail for over $100 at most stores.

Twenty-two whole dollars!

Yep! That's all!

We were quite excited. We'd researched the strollers, so we knew when we bought it that it was missing the front baby tray where Ella will sit (the tray that goes across the front that holds drinks, etc.) We actually can't decide if this is a pro or a con. The stroller we took for both of Camryn's DW trips wasn't made with a tray. Because of the frequent in and out of the stroller at rides and attractions, it was nice for her just to be able to jump in and out without having to stop to get the tray out of the way. We've already contacted the Baby Trend company and found out we can order a replacement part for what is actually a very reasonable price. So, no worries ... we can get one if we want it. We have until 2013 to decide!


Danielle said...

Wow I never knew there was such a thing. I may have to look into one of these. Thanks for the info.

Jeff, Sarah Ellen, and Beck said...

Awesome find! I would love to stop at this establishment when we are in town...if not this trip, then the next.