Oct 8, 2011

A Few Things ...

The blog has been slow lately, I know. I feel like we're just so caught up in doing day to day life right now that there isn't anything particularly special to blog about. So, here are a few things that in and of themselves don't make a whole blog post but are at least worthy of making a list.

1. Having a child in public school has shifted my world in all kinds of new ways. I wish I had a nickle for the number of times since August that the words, "I just didn't expect ..." have left my mouth. And, good grief, I work in the schools! Why didn't I expect!? I think we've hit a good groove now, but change is just not something this Type A kind of family handles very well.

2. And while Camryn being in kindergarten has changed things around here, she is totally rocking it out! I love that there is something new for her to be excited about each day - ice cream day! playing on the big playground! field trip to Arby's for french fries! As you can see, most of her excitement does not revolve around academics necessarily, but kindergarten is all about fun, right? Her reading has really exploded, too! She was a great reader before, but now she absolutely craves reading. She's into chapter books now - she sat down and read an entire Junie B. Jones book the other day! She just can't get enough, and this reading/writing/literary minded mama loves it!

3. Football season is here, and Jason and I have already gotten to go to TWO games together! This has thrilled me because we figured out the last time we went to a game together was when Camryn was either 1 or 2 years old. Of course, one of the two games we went to was the Carolina/Auburn game but hey ... we enjoyed the experience of being there, right?

4. October and fall in general have to be my absolute favorite time of the year. I know lots of people say that, and I'm right there on the bandwagon. We have so many fun events planned for the remainder of this month (so there may actually be some things to blog about soon!), and I am so excited for all of them.

5. Speaking of October activities, we go to the SC State Fair in exactly 13 days. I. Can't. Wait!

6. I have never much been a fan of pumpkin flavored things. But, I discovered a recipe for pumpkin chocolate chip muffins last year and now I think I'm hooked! I've had pumpkin bread and a pumpkin cupcake recently, and they were good. I still don't think I'll be going for pumpkin pie any time soon, but pumpkin is not so bad!

7. I'm sure you've realized from all of the stores popping up and the shows on TV, there's a huge cupcake fad going on right now. I've totally bought into it. Cupcakes are my new favorite sweet treat. I'm proud to say, one of my favorite go-to places for a cupcake is Cupcrazed Bakery - and they were recent WINNERS on Cupcake Wars on Food Network! That should tell you just how good their cupcakes are!

8. If you're feeling a little sad that I haven't commented on your blog lately, I've been trying! I still keep up with everyone's blogs, but when I've tried commenting recently, Blogger is erasing my comment instead of posting it. Someone suggested I post as Anonymous, so maybe I'll try that.

9. My Christmas shopping is officially underway! I am so excited for Christmas this year. I haven't been this excited in a while. December cannot get here soon enough!

10. Camryn lost her 2nd tooth. It happened at school during lunchtime, and we're pretty sure she swallowed it! She left a sweet little note for the tooth fairy to explain what happened, and asked the TF to please still leave her a prize. Apparently the Tooth Fairy is quite understanding and left her a dollar. Gotta love that little fairy.


Anonymous said...

I just love reading your blogs. You have always had a great way of expressing yourself, even as a child. I'm excited about Christmas too and my Christmas shopping is WAY ahead this year! Love you...Mom