Dec 14, 2010

Need A Little Christmas

Things have not been going all so great around here lately. Saturday after we went to see White Christmas (which was a total disappointment, I might add ... maybe more on that another day), we came back here with my mom and ordered pizza. Sometime after supper, I started feeling really badly. I threw up once before bed and thought maybe it was just the pizza. Not so much. That was the start of a 24 hour virus that had me in bed all day Sunday, missing Camryn's children's musical at church. I'm so glad, however, my mom was here to help take care of the girls. When Daddy is a minister, Mommy is pretty much on her own when it comes to Sundays!

I felt better yesterday but still stayed home to recuperate. I decided I needed to wash everything I may have touched, so I started laundry. It literally took me all. day. long. to attempt to dry one load of towels. I say attempt because they never really got dry, even after separating one load into three smaller ones. So, apparently our 2 year old dryer is giving out.

Next, Ella was fussy all evening. I assumed it was because she had not really napped well at daycare. Took her temp before bedtime - 101.6. And, she was up crying twice last night and required rocking, which never, ever happens around here anymore. So, a doctor's trip is in our future today.

And, the icing on the cake - I woke up this morning to no running water. I woke Jason up, and he assumed the pipes had frozen, so he told me to turn on the hot water and leave it running. I did and it went from a tiny little stream to a trickle to nothing at all. I was staring at the clock, because I knew in an hour and half (if I'm lucky that she'll actually sleep til normal time this morning) Ella would be awake and I'd have to make a bottle. So, I called the water company. Verdict: someone went around the county last night opening up fire hydrants, so we will be without water "for a while." This equaled a 5:45 am trip to the gas station to pay $6 for 3 gallons of water and Princess Ella will today be drinking bottles made from artesian water.

My Christmas spirit is going straight down the tubes right now, people.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry! I can't really help, but I will tell you that there will be broccoli-cheese soup when you come on Saturday and pinebark with no nuts. I hope that will lift your spirits a little bit today.
Praying for the quick restoration of your water and that Ella feels better soon.

Mom B

atl cavins said...

oh man, heather! i am sorry to hear that. and here i am, pestering you about disney world. feel free to ignore me :-)

i hope your week starts looking up really soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Heather NEVER minds talking about Disney World!

Really looking forward to Saturday!