Jan 15, 2010

Recent Camryn-isms

Our sweet little girl is always making us smile! Here are some of the cute things she has said recently.

~For those of you who don't care for Rachael Ray ... you'll like this one!
We were watching Food Network, and Rachael Ray was on. Camryn was watching and listening to her very intently. During one of Rachael's long-winded segments, Camryn said out loud to no one in particular, "Just cook! Don't talk to us!"

~As I was making breakfast this morning, Camryn came into the kitchen, and we had this conversation:

Camryn: Mommy, there's a duck in our driveway.
Mommy: Honey, I bet it's not a duck. I bet it's just a big bird.
Camryn: No, it's a duck. I saw it had yellow feathers.
Mommy: Well, some birds have yellow feathers, too.

She dropped it until after breakfast when I was cleaning up. She came back into the kitchen to tell me the duck was still there. I had to go check it out at this point. When I looked out the front window, this is what I saw:

Can you tell what it is? Someone delivered a free newspaper to us this morning in a yellow plastic bag! Jason and I laughed about the "duck" all morning long!

~If Jason and I are discussing something at dinner, Camryn always tries her best to join in. The other night, I was trying to think of a Christian music group, and Jason was trying to jog my memory.

Jason: Jars of Clay?
Me: No, not them.
Jason: Mercy Me?
Me: No, not them either.
Jason: Third Day?
Me: No ...
Camryn: Fourth Day?


Anonymous said...

Emily Said...
Oh I just miss yall!!! :( but this made me laugh and remember our good times!!! :)

Ansley said...

Cute ~ The duck is too funny!!

The Cassidys said...

precious - just precious!

Anonymous said...
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