Apr 21, 2011

Fun Girls Day ... Turned Sad Girl Day

For the last week, Camryn and I have been planning a fun girls day. We started our day with this:

I told Camryn she could pick any recipe from her cookbook, and we would make it. She chose the Fairy Godmother Wands (aka french toast sticks). Man, does she love to create things in the kitchen!

They were really, really good!

After that we got dressed to head out. How cute is she?!?

First stop - the library. Camryn always considers it a treat going to the library, because she loooovves to read.

And that's just what she did the whole way to lunch.

We went to one of her favorites - McAlister's

Where she decided to order a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (crazy kid ... we could have stayed home for that!)

Then I introduced her to one of my favorites ...

Oh. my.

Of course, we had to get the one with pink icing

After that, we came home to do whatever she wanted to do ... which was play restaurant in the playroom.

I think it was around McAlister's that I wiped her eye, because I noticed something yucky in it. Before we left, I had to wipe her eye again. By the third round of wiping, I knew what was coming. Yep. Girls day ended with a full blown case of pink eye. Camryn ended up confined to one little spot on the loveseat faaaaaar away from Ella. She cried once because she said her eyes hurt. She cried a second time because she didn't want to go to the doctor. And then she cried a third time because I had to break the news to her that she wouldn't get to go to school today and have her Easter egg hunt. That's a pretty tough pill for a 5 year old to swallow. I think we'll have to have a girls day redo sometime soon. Besides, it will give us another reason to go back to SAS!

P.S. Please excuse the crazy spacing. I decided to let Blogger win tonight.


J and SE said...

Poor girl...you definitely need a redo...and let's save that redo for when I visit bc I too love McAlisters and cupcakes! :)

Melissa said...

Oh No! Poor Camryn! All of the things you said you did for girls day are things that Caedyn and I love to do! She and Caedyn would be such good friends if they lived closer! I am not sure how I got such a girly girl, but I love it! Hope those eye drops quickly! They usually improve our kids' eyes within a couple of hours. I call them the magic eye drops!

Anonymous said...

Emily Said...
I hope Cam gets better! give her a big get well soon hug for me! And tell her and ella I love them Lots! I Love you all lots!