Mar 3, 2011

5 Years Old

Can anyone else believe this sweet girl is 5 whole years old? Gracious. Why did I blink and let the time slip by so quickly? We have watched Camryn grow up so much during this past year. She is such a little girl now ... it feels like all traces of our baby are gone. We've watched her mature so much as a big sister, and she is truly a fabulous one. We are so, so proud of her.

This year we wanted to do something different and special for Camryn's birthday this year. So, instead of putting a lot of money into a big party, cake, and decorations, we surprised Camryn with tickets for her, Mommy, and Daddy to Mickey's Magic Show. She loved it! I was bummed that my camera died as soon as we got there until they announced we couldn't take pictures anyway.

The next day, we came back home for a small party with family. We all enjoyed spending time together, and Camryn got enough fairy, Barbie, and Rapunzel stuff to keep her entertained until her 6th birthday!


J and SE said...

I'm glad to hear Cam loved the show. We love you Cam!

The McConnell Clan said...

I love the family pic ! Ella is like I stick my tounge out because I can! She is gonna be the rebelious one!