Jul 30, 2009

Day 4 - Epcot

Epcot: probably the hottest day of all, drank enough water to fill a small lake, saw The Seas with Nemo and Friends, Turtle Talk with Crush, rode Soarin', Living With the Land, tried to ride Test Track but it closed as soon as we got there (never found out why), lunch at the Electric Umbrella, Mission Space right after lunch, worried about throwing up doing such an intense ride right after lunch, survived the ride without any sickness, survived the guy beside us throwing up instead, Nurse Jeff had to take care of the throwing up guy while Heather ran as far away as she could, went to the World Showcase, decorated masks and collected charms that represented each country, Jason disappointed when he found out the Deadliest Catch guys would be there to sign autographs the week after we left, met Mulan in China, met Snow White in Germany, had the BEST frozen lemonade, saw a Chinese acrobats show, bought our third bonsai tree in Japan, met Jasmine and Aladdin in Morocco, saw a belly dancer and Moroccan band, dinner at Le Cellier where we had the greatest filet mignon, rode Spaceship Earth (in the big Epcot ball) which Camryn called "Spaceship on Earth in the big crystal ball," waited for the Illuminations fireworks show to begin and were entertained by Brazilian and Argentinian teenage tour groups chanting and singing, met Patrick a Disney cast member from Kennesaw State, and saw an incredible fireworks show!